Health Benefits of Syzygium Cumini


Syzygium cumini which is commonly known as Jamun or Jambul is quite famous as the Indian summer fruit and is in use very much. This plant has innumerable use in the field of health and medicine. Starting from earlier the usage of jamun is in use and is been used in the ayurvedic and unani medicine from traditional times. Syzygium cumini (L). SKEEL is flowering plant which belong to the family Myrtaceae. The major function of Syzygium cumini is that it helps in the treatment of DIABETES. In many developing countries where medicine are not fully developed, the fruits of Syzygium cumini are been in use so as to cure many diseases. During many research it was been found that this plant is rich in many chemical composition which helps in curing many diseases. Particularly the plant contain a high amount of anthocyanin, glucoside etc. which contain medicinal properties. Not only the single part of the plant but each and every part of the plant contains medicinal properties starting from leaves till its bark and root all are of equally importance. The seeds especially play major role in the treatment of blood sugar as they help in reducing the blood sugar level in body and also constitute many antioxidants. The researchers have developed many medicine from the extract of jamun which can be beneficial in treating many diseases. The species of syzygium cumini is native to the countries like India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan etc. Scientist have found that the syzygium cumini consist of a wide varieties of phytochemicals and nutrients. In other countries it is also known as black plum, java plum etc. Apart from all these countries Syzygium is also been grown in various other countries and is been used in treating many disorders specially Diabetes. It is usually treated as a medicinal source from traditional time being. In this term paper the major important points which are been focused are what are all the important characteristic features of the plant Syzygium cumini and how this plant and its part are been used up in the health field.

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.KEYWORDS: phytochemicals, syzygium cumini, diabetes,


If it has to be started from the very beginning the start would be from the origin of usage of the plant syzygium cuimni as a medicinal element. From early time when medicine were not known much to people the use of herbs and natural drugs were in very common state. Since then the use of plant is very common and from then onward the scope of syzygium became widely famous.

SYZYGIUM CUMINI is a plant which is of great use. It has many characteristic compounds which possess disease curing feature. Syzygium is a species of Myrtaceae, which is native to the many countries such as Pakistan, India, Bhutan, etc. Since the research going on from the last few years it was found that this plant and all the part of it possess especially the seeds and bark possess anti-diabetic curing characteristic. During the studies in last decades the anti-diabetic feature of this plant is been cited in many research paper and review article. It is said to be that these plants are found to be rich in compounds such as anthocyanin, anti-oxidant properties and much more which help in curing this disease. It was noticed that the seeds contain many chemical composition which help in reducing the blood sugar level. Apart from the major role in curing diabetes Syzygium cumini also has many other properties and important role in health. It can be said that it is core of many functions which are been very useful for human beings. The discussion of each and every part of jamun and their major function is done. The other points which are been discussed would be up till now what all research is been done in the development of medicines from the plant extract. Hence these all point would be discussed in the following review article apart from this the major research growing up in the development of medicines from jamun is also been discussed futher.



During the research which was done it was found that not only the fruits but each and every part of the plant is found to be equally important and consisting of some of the medicinal value. [3] It was found that it was a very good source of cartenoids and many other vitamins which are been proved to be very beneficial for human beings.

Starting from the leaves to the bark and seed each of the plant extract is of equally importance in medical field. On by one each of them are discussed as follows:

LEAVES : It was earlier discussed that every part of syzygium cumini is comprised of a lot of medicinal value. One of the important part of this plant is its leaves. After doing several experiment is was found that the leaves of jamun consisted of anti-microbial characteristic. It was found that the extract of the leaves of this plant is been used in order to cure many skin diseases especially skin wound as they contain some of the important chemical composition such as: anthocyanin etc which consist of anti-microbial factor in it.[4] Due to these anti-microbial content the developing research institute are working so as to make many daily uses product such as soap and cream from jamun extract.


Apart from the antimicrobial characteristic the leaves of syzygium cumini also consisted of other important feature such as the leaves also helps in curing gum problems and teeth problems. Some recent research has shown that the extract of leaves if is used also helps in relieving from gastropathy, leucorrhoea, stoamchalgia etc. these are some of the major problems related to the stomach. The leaves extract also helps in curing stomach constipation. Thus the leaves of this plant, syzygium cumini is of equally important as it helps in curing many gastrointestinal problems.


Seeds of syzygium cumini plant is of atmost importance. It was noticed that the leaves also possess many other characteristic feature out of which the cure of diabetes is n of the important feature. During the last 125 year research which was much before the discovery of insulin many evidence were seen which defined that seeds of these plants help in curing the blood sugar level. In the research it was found that the seeds of jamun contain many elements such as gulcoside jambolin which help usually help in reducing blood sugar level by reducing the conversion of starch to sugar by changing the various chemical processes in it. Apart from this one characteristic the leaves also contain other falvonoids, phenol and rich in protein and calcium. [4]. After performing several experiment on mice and rats it was found that seed of syzygium cumini were capable of curing main 2 type of diabetes

Hence it was experimentally proved that the seeds of syzygium were proved to be effective against controlling blood sugar level. Other studies have also revealed that the seeds also contain many alknoids , these alknoids have an ability toward the hyperglycemic effect. Hence it can be beneficial in many ways.

BARK Bark which is another part of the plant jamun is also effective in many manners. The bark of syzygium cumini contain ANTI-OXIDANT characteristic. It also comprises of many other characteristic one of which is diabetes control too. It can be said that overall each and every part of jamun is of equally significance. Starting from the leaves to the bark and fruit each hold medicinal characteristic. In this the bark of the plants are found to be having properties like antimicrobial which is also one of the important characteristic.

The fruits of jamun are also very significant. After doing several research, scientist have found that the fruit of jamun is mainly treated in symptoms like stomachic , diuretic, etc. Many a times the juice of this fruits is been consumed in order to get relieve from problems like constipation and many other gastrointestinal problems. A very common problem related to gum is known as GINGIVITIS which can also be cured by using the extract of fruits of this plant{7} Due to these several important characteristic these are commercially used and many medicines are also been derived from them.


As the health benefits of syzygium were well known before hence many food industries started to making products from jamun or syzygium parts In this the main important products which were involved were the juices. Juices which were derived from jamun extract mainly from their fruits were commercially available in markets. These juice as shown in the above figure were thought to be a replacement of sugar, as it helped in controlling blood sugar level. In the field of ayurvedic medication the usage of jamun juices in place of sugar for diabetes patients is still in use. Now a days the main product extracted from syzygium is been jamun pulp, jamun vinegar jaumun powder etc are used for many other purposes apart from reducing blood ugar level. The vinegar derived from jamun is also a cure for many problems. The extracted vinegar can be used up in cases like swelling of liver and spleen.[6]. It is found that this vinegar is also helpful in decreasing the migrane pain up to some extent. The other important product derived from jamun is the seed powder.


The powder which is been extracted from the seed are especially designed for diabetes cure which is often prescribed to diabetes patient. Very often people suffer from urine problems or kidney infection, these jamun extract in the form of powder or the pulp is prove to be effective in much cases. As it was earlier discussed that jamun comprises of astringent property which help in passage of urine easily. Hence it was seen that it help in solving the problem related to utrine infection. Sometime this powder is extracted from the other parts of the plant and hence consists of the properties like anti-oxidant majorly. In other words each and every part of jamun is enriched with medicinal value and holds up a very bright future prospect.


Diabetes is one of the common and famous disease which arises due to many factors. It can be said that diabetes is a condition in which there is a rise in blood sugar level and the person starts to suffer from various symptoms such as increase in thirst, more urination etc. long term untreated diabetes may cause severe damage and problems to the body which may include the damage to the heart, kidney and eyes. Since early time when not much was known in the field of advanced medicine from that onward time diabetes has started spreading its arm around the world and no sooner it became famous worldwide. Diabetes is characterized in two types a) TYPE 1 which is stated as Diabetes mellitus and TYPE 2 which is diabetes insipidus. In an estimation given, it was found that till 2013, 382 million people were reported to be suffering from diabetes out of which 90% were reported to having Type 1 diabetes. Hence the cases of diabetes are increasing at an alarming rate in worldwide. Now in recent time when new discoveries are been arising in every field including DRUGS AND MEDICINE then there is the development of new kind of medicine which are been used as medicine for diabetes. But this is about today what about two or three decade ago when no accurate and exact cure of diabetes was been found. In early time Ayruvedic medicine were the only treatment which was been used up in curing any certain kind of disease. The people of that time also believed that the extract derived from the herbs and shrub can be helpful in curing diseases. As no perfect cure was known at that time hence the usage of the product derived from Syzygium cumini were used for the treatment of blood sugar blood level. After doing many research, it was found that Syzygium cumini or Jamun was proved as an adjuvant therapy in case of treatment of Diabetes Type 2. Apart from its seed which is a great source of anthocyanin and help in controlling the diabetes similarly the fruity purple pulp of this plant is also of great importance as it also anthocyanin rich. The various drug and medicinal research organization are been doing many research in order to determine the rate at which the seeds and pulp are helpful in controlling blood sugar. Studies have shown that the seeds of Syzygium cumini are rich in ellagitannins, a compound whose composition is of hexa hydroxyl diphenoyl glucose which help in reducing the content of sugar level hence help in decreasing the blood sugar level.

Another important part of the Syzygium cumini plant is its fruits which also shows the anti-diabetic property. The fruits are a good source of chemical like glucosides, jambolin and ellagic acid which help in reducing the conversion of starch into glucose thus help in controlling the blood sugar level.

Hence Syzygium cumini comprises of many essential compounds which help in curing diabetes. Not only in controlling blood sugar level Syzygium cumini or jamun also possess many other medicinal values.


Up till now Syzygium cumini studied for its anti- diabetic property. But many research paper also state that apart from its anti-diabetic property, Syzygium cumini is a ocean of many other features or characteristics in the field of medicine. In India, Syzygium cumini commonly known as Jambolan is well recognized as a folk medicine as well as in pharmaceutical trade. If it is been said in medicinal value then the fruits and bark of this plant are said to be having diuretic, astringent and stomachic properties. Along with this in comparison to any other seasonal fruit Syzygium cumini comprises of a high level of anti-oxidant property. This anti –oxidant feature consist of constituents such as anthocyanin, falvonoids, tannin etc. These constituent are responsible for causing the anti-oxidant properties. In the market product such as in toothpaste etc which are used in household sometime contain jamun extract as it is rich in anti-oxidant property.

Syzygium cumini plant is comprises of other health benefits too, out of which one is that it help in reducing the risk of degenerative diseases.[6] The degenerative diseases is diseases in which structure or function of the tissue or organ which is been affected deteriorate increasingly examples can be Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, etc. can also be cured up by using Syzygium plant. The fruit pulp of this plant which contains main four anti-oxidant constituents which include falvonoids , phenolic, vitamins and cartenoids. These all anti-oxidant help in reducing the oxidative stress and also help in inhibition of macromolecular oxidation which helps in reducing the risk of degenerative diseases.

Apart from the curing these diseases, there are many other diseases and problems which can be cured by using the extract of Syzygium cumini . Some of the important and characterized feature of treatment of diseases with Syzygium cumini are:

Syzygium cumini possess antineoplastic. Antineoplastic is property of acting to prevent, inhibit or stop the development of a neoplasm which is also known as a tumor. Extract from Syzygium cumini act as an antineoplastic agent, which can be helpful in treatment of disease such as colon cancer[7].
The fruits and bark extract of Syzygium cumini or Jamun have the Radioprotective and chemoprotective effect which help in treatment of cancer.
The plant also contains flavonoids and gallic acid which help in the reduction of formation of tumor or reducing the carcinogenic effect.

Hence apart from the treatment of diabetes, Syzygium cumini is a core of many health benefits. Thus it was found by the researchers that the Syzygium cumini or jamun help in curing up many diseases.


As in the field of medicine new discovery always arises. By going through all the research work which is been done up till now regarding the role which Syzygium cumini plant species is playing in the field of medicine one thing is clear that this plant possess many characteristic property which could be used by in the medication and will also help in the improvement in the field of medicines. The major effect of this plant is on the treatment of diabetes. If the future scope is to be discussed then it must be seen that Syzygium cumini or Jamun holds up many advantages in the way of treatment of diabetes. Firstly as jamun is a inexpensive summer growing species it can be grown anywhere. Hence it is going to be a cheaper way of treatment. Not only this it is one of the natural remedy which prove to be quite effective and non-toxic or harmless as it doesn’t contain any harmful constituent. Easily available. Can be use in the day to day meal. Hence it is to be noted that Syzygium cumini is of great use. The major Drug and Medicine organization and research center are developing techniques in which they are deriving drugs and medicine from the extract of this plant. Apart from these research and drug development, the ayurvedic medicine are commercially are been generated in market for the uses.

Hence it can be said that Syzygium cumini hold all the features which make it a powerful curable of disease. In future where new development is taking a step ahead this would be prove a long term beneficial medication.


Thus the role of Syzygium cumini is well defined and the advantageous of it are also been discussed in this review article. This review article was mainly done in order to get an idea what Syzygium cumini plant is capable off. Its characters, constituents and the role of various chemical present in it. Hence it all in one curable formula of disease.

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