Google was well done on developing its web application

Google was well done on developing its web application, yet, according to Forrest (2015) quote Boris Metodiev, who said in an interview, even Google launched Android for Work with a long list of partners, many organisations, especially government organisations tend to use IOS, with Window, or with Blackberry rather than Android as they think that Android operating system is not secure enough. So Google needs more improvement even innovation in its program to gain the trust of the organisations.
Like-minded of top management and teams can operate rapidly, yet it lacks diversity of opinions, ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds lead to cannot always get the best results. Organisations may be missing out on innovation, creative ideas, and profitability because they are combined with people who think similar (Grillo, 2014). According to a McKinsey & Co report, US public organisations with diversity on their top management team have a higher return on equity than those without (Barta, Kleiner and Neumann, 2012).

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