GETRUDE training and payroll queries. Maintain and update

GETRUDE OPARE GUINNESS GHANA BREWERIES LIMITEDGuinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL) is the leading Beverage Business in Ghana with a noticeable collection of products including Alvaro, Gulder, Malta Guinness, Smirnoff and Star Larger. GGSL is a Diageo commercial enterprise and the only beverage business listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange. GGBL operates at two headquarters; Kasoa in Ashanti Region and Achimota in the Greater Accra Region with workforce about 1,200.

Its key competitors are Accra Brewery Limited, Kasapreko, Paramount Distilleries Company Limited, and Rose Distilleries Ghana Limited. It operates in perfect competition with many buyers and sellers.The main roles of a human resource assistant are to assist in recruiting and selection process, assist with company training and payroll queries. Maintain and update personnel records and absence records on daily basis. Maintaining current human resource files and databases.

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Maintain records related to grievances, schedule job interviews and provide advice and guidance to managers in relation to employees concerns. Produce human resource data, organize and coordinate meetings and durbars. Administer annual leave and other leave requests.TASK 1Attitudes are the ways of approach, reaction or opinion about something or someone typically reflected on the person’s character. Allport, (1935) defined an attitude as “a mental and neural state of readiness, organized through experience, exerting a directive and dynamic influence upon the individual’s response to all objects and situations with which it is related”.”An attitude can be defined as an enduring organization of motivational, emotional, perceptual and cognitive processes with respect to some aspect of the individual’s world”.

(Krech and Crutchfield, 1948). Attitudes can be showed towards our work, life and any other thing part of us which we could be negative or positive.Some kinds of attitudes needed for the role as a human resource assistant are; punctuality, enthusiasm, self-disciplined, decisive and cooperativeness. Quality work needs to be done with excitement for the job and on time. Controlling of oneself to carry out work and ready to work with others in a team. Human resource assistant effective time management boost productivity for work to be completed in less time.

Skills are abilities that comes from training needed in order to do a job. Skills can be learnt in school or other kinds of work like internships, voluntary workers or on-the-job training. This improves and develop a person to go higher in his career.According to Gutherie, (1952) skills “consists of the ability to bring about some end result with maximum outlay of energy, or of time and energy”.Skills required for the job as a human resource assistant are flexibility, drive, planning and organizing. Flexibility is the openness to different and new ways of doing things or switches to a different strategy when an initially selected one is unsuccessful. As a human resource Assistant, openness to new ideas is key in the preparation and execution of Human resource policies.

Drive is the perseverance to get a task accomplished without getting help from anyone to come to appropriate conclusion. As a Human Resource Assistant, providing advice and guidance managers in relation to employee concerns without the help of other departments improve and deeply develop achievement, drive and work done.Planning and organizing requires the ability to develop logical, systematic processes to attain goals. As a Human Resource Assistant, performing researches and arranging tasks to perform, facilitates an efficient work and increase the chance to achieve goals.Behaviours are ways by which one acts or conduct himself and towards others.

Behavior can also be a lifestyle of a person which can be good or bad. Behaviours can also be termed as character towards self and others. This shows the true self of an individual; Example of behaviours for the role are positive “can-do” attitude, politeness, hardworking, open-minded, courteous and friendly. The work should be done by showing regards or thought for others, beaming nice approaching to others – taking work seriously, doing it well and rapidly. Initiate to access and take responsibility for the company’s effect on environmental and social well-being.

With the things I have acquired through ICT, numeracy and language by attending computer classes, budgeting on expenses and learning other languages, these has become part of me as a behavior demanded for the role as a human resource assistant.TASK 2AA Job description describes the general tasks and responsibilities of a job.According to Torrington (1991), “a job description is usually developed by conducting a job analysis which includes examining the tasks and the sequences of tasks necessary to perform the job”. Skillset is a person’s range of abilities that can be used on a job to achieve goals. The skills needed for the role as a human resource assistant are emotional intelligence, multi-task player, attention to details and coping with pressure. An emotional intelligence can handle employee issues like pay and working conditions. There should be attention to details when such things appear because of the problems that comes with it by taking notes and producing them as and when required.

A Human Resource Assistant should be a multi-task player since employees will be coming with their grievances while at the same time other important work must be done such as assisting with internal communication including production of monthly staff newsletters assisting with recruitment and selection processes, supporting the human resource manager in relation to formal meetings, example;Conducting meetings, being able to cope with pressure from managers and other employees when it comes to work, pay, grievance or other issues for it to be settled.The skills I have acquired through schooling, voluntary works, internships, and self-development are punctuality, time management, honesty, self-confidence, planning and organizing, cooperating and leadership. Getting to workplace on time and doing the work right on time makes everything smoothly to complete and achieve goals for the organization. Administering annual leave correctly and giving other leave requests to employees with tangible reasons like dead of close relatives, sickness or a one-time big ceremony. This will build honesty and prevent any distrust from managers. Taking responsibility when given to direct and lead others by planning well and organizing time and the team members to work to completion.

TASK 2BCURRICULUM VITAEPersonal DetailsGetrude [email protected] ProfileI am energetic and enthusiastic person who enjoys working with others. I aspire to seek the position of a Human Resource Assistant. I am a graduate with First Class Higher National Diploma in Human Resource Management. I am a capable team player, cooperative, understanding, observant and an easy going person who is opened to change.

My career goal is to assume a role which allows me to support the administration of the day-to-day operations of a busy human resource department for a well-respected and market-leading company.SkillsA well-organized, highly adaptable individual in the recruitmentprocess with two years’ experience in planning and organizing, punctual, self-confident, honesty, accountable with good communication skills. I have good knowledge of current employment legislation, good working knowledge of trending HR good practices and health and safety practices. I have a strong interpersonal relationship, literate in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook; also have the ability to maintain confidentiality and deal with sensitive data in the appropriate way. Education Institutions Year Zenith University College2014 – 2017Adonten Senior High School 2011 – 2014Garrison Primary and J.

H.S2001 – 2011Working Position Held Year Experience Human Resource Intern 2015 – 2017Assisted interviewing committeeMade placement suggestionsAppointed and arranged executive meetings Conducted benefit enrolment processProcessed newly recruited and terminated employee filesMaintained and updated employee files and training recordsHobbies and Travelling, Painting, Socializing.InterestReferencesErnest OseiIsaac AkweiLecturer LecturerZenith University CollegeZenith University [email protected]@gmail.com02412365820271072348C/o Kwasi Ayensu,NAFTI, PMD, GPO.20th February, 2018.

[email protected] Ghana Breweries Ltd.

Heavy ind. AreaP.O.Box 9234, TemaAccra.Dear Hiring Manager,APPLICATION FOR THE POSITION AS A HUMAN RESOURCE ASSISTANTSeeing your advertisement in the newspaper is a match to my qualification. I believe I have the Knowledge and experience in Human Resource Management that make me the ideal candidate for this position. I have had on-the-job training, voluntary works and a good internship from other organisations that can help me work well with others.

During my schooling, I developed an excellent skills through assignment researches and my homemade ice cream business. As a result, I have been able to manage myself well to work under pressure while balancing it with school and studies. Over the last year, I took the position as president of a debating club, took the position of class representative, so I know how to cooperate and collaborate well. I mostly organize community event with area team which we advise teenagers on social vices and support them in any way we can.

With these positions I took, it has made me an organized person, to take good decisions, manage and delegate through good communication with others. For sure all these can benefit the operation of the company. I am a good communicator both verbally and written which can help in the recruitment operation within the department and manage pre-employment paperwork in an organized manner. Assist with employee effort and events, partner with human resource team on the completion of special projects assigned and last but not the least perform other duties and projects as may be required.

Hopefully, I would love to be called upon to give my best for the Human Resource Assistant position. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.Sincerely,Getrude OpareTASK 3An interview is a one-on-one conversation with one person acting in the role of the interviewer by asking questions and the other in the role as the interviewee in answering.

“It was said that interview is a process of dyadic relational communication with a predetermined and serious purpose designed to interchange behavior and involving the asking and answering of questions” (Stewart and Cash, 1997). The reasons for interviewing is to assist employers in selecting of the right person for the right job which helps job seekers to present their knowledge, skills and experiences to acquire a desired position.Before an interview for a job, there are preparatory things a job seeker, applicant or interviewee must do before, during and after the interview. Below are some preparatory things an applicant must do before the interview. Before the interview, revisit the adapted CV that has been sent to the employer. The job posting should be analyzed and reviewed considering what the company is seeking for. Research about the company, find out much, not only the job but everything about the company.

This will help to prepare both answer and interview questions and ask the interviewer questions also. This will help find out whether the company and its culture are a good fit. The company’s website should be checked, company reviews from clients, current and former employees.

Practice interviewing with a friend or family members ahead of time, trying conduct the practice interview in the same format as the real interview. Get the interview outfit ready to wear at all times, it should be in a business attire and must be the first best impression. Portfolio with extra copies of resume, list of references and list of questions for the interviewer are to be brought to the interview. Check whether plenty of time will be needed to get there.During the interview, skills needed are listening, clarifying what is required, re-phrasing, using knowledge, skills and experience effectively when answering questions and supporting answers with relevant evidence and examples.Practicing effective and active listening techniques help focus deeply on what the interviewer is saying and reading body language.

Paraphrase the questions to confirm before answering the questions, if not sure of what the interviewer meant by a question. Clarifying a point you are trying to make without repeating it. Answer questions by explaining exactly how your skills and experience match the job description. Standing out from the crowd that is other candidates requires to provide the interviewer with specific examples to support the claims.

Right from the beginning of the interview, there should be introducing of oneself confidently by giving eye contact, handshake and smile at the interviewer and greet pleasantly. Also avoid rambling, sit in the best position by leaning slightly forward and not slouch in the chair.At the end of the interview, remember to shake hands with the interviewer and appreciate them for their time.After the interview, asking for feedback enables to know whether accepted or rejected. Making sure your phone is always on and also have a voice mail if calls are not responded to. Be confident and respond to feedback hoping for a chance of success.TASK 4In spite of owing a good qualification and technical skills, there may be difficulty in integrating and establishing oneself in an existing team when starting a new role.

This can have an unfavourable impact on productivity and performance in the early stages of employment. Interpersonal skills and team work are key enablers for new employees to be fully established and highly effective in their roles.To establish in new role, making a good first or personal presentation in the beginning of employment build reputation and relationship with co-workers coming to work on time and other meetings, returning from lunch at the right time makes you look organized but the opposite makes one look disorganized, lazy and disrespect to others. Dressing professionally and appropriately by being well groomed boost your self-image and to help a person protect that image, he/she must be seen to be very reliable and professional. There are a lot to learn immediately one is employed by knowing employee newsletters, company reports and technical manuals. Research should be done to be well informed about the organization and the job. To demonstrate interest in the job is to ask questions, be curious, listen and observe colleagues to ensure tasks are done in the right way.

Showing keen interest in the new role by being alert, smiles on and staying positive in response. To retain information, taking notes mostly in the first weeks will be good and may be needed to do the job which will help to be effective and efficient more quickly.To make a positive contribution, be attentive in listening and taking notes to ensure instructions are always remembered and followed. If there is any misunderstanding of information, use questions to check what has been said to prevent confusion. Use skills effectively by reviewing how work is being done, manage demands being made so that time can be managed for competing priorities. Responding positively to feedback provides an opportunity to grow and develop self. At the beginning of employment, especially the first three months are probationary periods where performance will be monitored by one’s immediate supervisor.

There should be clear goals on what is supposed to be achieved. This will show if the job will be secured permanently.An effective contribution in a team to understand how to integrate and establish oneself into team as a valued player which will help become an effective contributor. It may include accepting designated role by working within boundaries and with guidance, using own skills effectively by being confident to learn more to be more skillful. Meeting team objectives and going the extra mile by improving oneself on how work shall be done. Valuing diversity like the theory of Belbin, each member has a variety of strengths and talents like knowledge, experience and skills which may help to achieve high level of performance. Researcher R.

Meredith Belbin identifies nine team roles that people play in a team based on different types of behaviours and performance. They consist of groups; action-oriented roles, which include sharper, completer finisher and implementor; people oriented roles are coordinator, resource investigator and team work roles; and thought-oriented are, specialist, monitor-educated and plant roles. They are effective in achieving its objectives with no missing qualities in a team and improves team performance which makes them highly successful.TASK 5Knowing the career to pursue enables an individual to build a career development plan. The aim is to create a self-analysis, personal reflection and honest appraisal on individual strengths and weaknesses.PERSONAL ANALYSISSTRENGTHS AREAS FOR FURTHER DEVELOPMENTManaging of time wellSelf-confidentGood in organizingA good team player s Communication skillsCoping with pressureMulti-task playingReflection skillsOPPORTUNITIES THREATSAttending seminars and conferencesOnline training by webinars, lectures, or e-learningGetting a face-to-face training by lecturersGetting on-the-job training Managing work and reoccurring sickness which leads to spending a lot of time at the hospital.Attending family meetings at a time I am supposed to be at work.

SETTING OF GOALSWHAT DO I WANT TO LEARN? WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? WHAT SUPPORT AND RESOURCES WILL I NEED? HOW WILL I MEASURE SUCCESS? TARGET DATE FOR REVIEWImprove communication skills Start involving in conversation, reading and writing to improve Colleague Feedback from colleague After 6 monthsCope with pressure Manage and organize time well in order to do different tasks at the same time Line manager Test result After 3 monthsDevelop delegation skills Set direction to give others to perform I will need to discuss and agree with my Line Manager Mentor during development programmesAfter 3 monthsMulti-tasking Good planning of time, doing more work at the same time in a perfect manner Use training opportunities and continuous revision Feedback from Line Manager and colleagues After a monthPERSONAL OBJECTIVESShort Term Goals (next 12 months)Attend all seminars and conferences on being a team player to become engaged in team workMedium Term Goals (next 2-3 years)Take responsibility for leading and delegating of colleagues on projects.Longer Term Goals (beyond 3 years)Gain promotion to management and gain support from colleagues. Manage larger team for direct reports and work towards becoming a head.BUSINESS PROPOSALTo be a successful entrepreneur, there should be a good business proposal which must be clear and compelling.

Bamber has decided to venture into bakery business and has $3000 in savings which he needs $4000 in estimation for start up costs, sales packaging and rental deposit for the new bakery, indicating that the financial gap is $1000.The mission of the bakery is to produce consistent quality pastries in a safe environment, clean and friendly for its employees and community with a good prices for its products. The vision is to have excellent service, innovative and hardworking with an inclusive employment at all levels of success. It shall be known as Bamber Bakery and shall be a sole trading company with Bamber as the sole trader.Competition in the area and the industry does not seem to be intense which makes it an attractive industry. Research indicates that the major competitors are about three who satisfy about 55% of the market but it is believed or hoped that our products will be of a higher quality, better packaged or well distributed than the other companies. Though the products are to be sold to the general public without being specific, it has been observed that there is a great demand for this pastries by individuals and institution in the community and there is an indication of an annual demand of $5000 as the sales volume.

The main demand comes from consuming public which patronize their products for breakfast or dessert. The other group are the institutions like churches, corporate bodies and schools who make regular orders required for specific event. The third group are wedding, funerals and parties. It is expected that the startup cost or set up cost will be about $4000 out of which the entrepreneur has $3000.

Bamber will have to raise $1000 more and expect it to be part as a long-term loan for at least 3 years to enable him establish.Since the shop is a big place with all the equipment, people should be employed to also help with any work. The days of opening the shop is scheduled to be always from Mondays to Saturdays at 7am to 8pm including holidays and will be delivered to retailers on daily basis. It is assured that customers’ satisfaction will be the main priority. Bamber is an experienced trained chef for the past few years with a good interrelationship with past colleague workers and customers. Since there is no bakery at that area of the bus rail and the station, there is a need of it already.

The products are to be marketed on a website, by posters and banners, direct marketing and promotion in order to increase sales volume. An outline delivery has also been put into consideration. The bakery or production shall take place in a shop or a high street of the community which is located on a busy road at the bus station where many people pass by on their way to catch a bus. In view of the varied nature of customers, production shall be both the push and the pull such that the bakery will be producing for the public based on forecast demand while it will adopt the pull strategy in for the institutional and event demands.Even though there is an existing equipment there should be an analysis on the state-of-the-act and come out with delicious products and cost effective prices to meet the price and quality expectation of the customers.It is absolutely certain that the suggested solution is the perfect course of conduct to bring it into a reality.BUSINESS PROPOSALBamber has decided to venture into bakery business and has $3000 in savings whereas he need $4000 in estimation for startup costs, sales packaging and rental deposit for the new bakery, indicating that the financial gap is $1000.

Bamber will have to loan for the $1000 and is expected to be paid within the next 3 years to enable him to fully establish himself. Bamber is an experienced trained chef for the past few years with a good relationship with past colleague workers and customers. It is assured that customers’ satisfaction will be the main priority. IntroductionThe CompanyThe MissionThe mission of the bakery is to produce consistent quality pastries in a safe environment, clean and friendly with good prices for its products.The VisionThe vision is to be the best quality producer of pastries and a highest profit making company in the industry.The company shall be known as Bamber Diamond Bakery and shall be a sole trading company with Bamber as the sole trader.OperationsThe bakery or production shall take place in a shop on a high street of the community which is located at a bus station where many people pass by on their way to catch a bus.

Few people will have to be employed to help in producing of pastries. The days of opening the shop is scheduled to be always from Mondays to Saturdays at 7am to 6pm including holidays which will also be delivered to retailers on daily basis. In view of the varied nature of customers, production shall be both the push and the pull such that the bakery will be producing for the public based on forecast demand while it will adopt the pull strategy for the institutional and event demands.It is absolutely certain that the suggested solution is the perfect course of conduct to bring the business into a reality.TARGET MARKETCompetition in the area and the industry does not seem to be intense which makes it an attractive industry to enter. Research indicates that there are these competitors who satisfy about 55% of the market, it is believed or hoped that our products will be of a higher quality, better packaged or well distributed than the other companies.The pastries are mostly to be sold to the general public.

The people that may enter into the shop are the large part of the bakery customer base. They consist of neighborhood people who may like to know about the bakery and its products and come regularly to purchase some to eat at home. Middle and low-income workers will be the customers which will lead to immediate success since the market and the area has been researched.About retail outlets like grocery stores, delis and bodegas can also be a major portion of the bakery target market. The distribution of products to these retail outlets can create more good points for more exposure than with only one storefront.

If the products are been marketed well to the retailers and is been accepted, two target market can be developed. The retailers will purchase from the bakery at wholesale and there, the consumer will buy from them.Special events like weddings, birthdays, funerals, religious celebration, sports and parties of all kinds may require baked goods and cakes. A partnership can set up with party venues in the area to ensure that customers can make orders for bakeries when the time comes. Cards can be made to show options the customer will like to choose from to buy for their programs.Restaurants often make pastries, bread and cake purchases from outside vendors rather than making it themselves.

Orders can be customized for restaurants at the last minute if necessary. Bamber Diamond Bakery can visit local restaurants and cafes with wholesale prices and information about all their bakeries. Delivery may be required for such when demand grow significantly and orders are made mostly everyday.The other group are the institutions like corporate bodies, school and hospital who can make an agreement or contract with the bakeries for the delivery of breads for breakfast.

This may serve as a major target market and for the increase of sales volumes.

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