Furthermore, true love requires effort. Without determination in a relationship, nothing changes. Action shows the effort and sacrifice you are willing to take for your significant other. This
is because action requires the courage to connect to each other’s hearts, arise that feeling of love and affection for both of you to have a content future. We can speak of the other person, write poems and letters to them/about them but until we manifest that love in action ,our words are nothing but dry emotions. This is displayed in Twelfth Night as Orsino falls in love with Olivia however he does not express his love towards her very clearly. In the beginning, Orsino’s introductory speech is filled with words such as “sickening”, “excess ,”appetite” and “dying love” that showed that the Duke was desperately in love with Olivia . The Duke would also talk about her and her wonderful personality but he did not physically have a proper conversation with Olivia. He sent his servants to recit love poems written by him to Olivia in order to show his true love for her. For instance, Orsino sent his messenger Cesario to read the poem. When Cesario begins to converse with Olivia, Olivia starts to fall in love with him instead of Orsino because of his engaging wit and great charm. When Olivia meets Cesario, she quickly falls in love with”him” and forgets all about her brother’s death: Even so quickly may one catch the plague?/Methinks I feel this youth’s perfections / With an invisible, and subtle stealth/ To creep at mine eyes’ (scene I.V) In summary, one of the most important characteristics of true love is determination. Determination towards your relationship in order to fight all the arguments and the flaws of the other person and focus just on the good qualities you see in that individual. In Twelfth Night, we see that Orsino wants to win Olivia with all the material things he had such as his wealth, good looks, bravery and high position. However, Olivia was not overwhelmed with joy when knowing all of this. Olivia was searching for something more than that -true love. And to get to that point of intimacy, it requires effort. That is why Olivia falls head over heels for Cesario because he was a humble, honest and determined individual who was only sent by the Duke to give a message to Olivia. Overall, effort is never about the material things but the love and value you express to the other person, whether your together or apart. When putting effort in your relationships, it means that you are genuinely curious as to how the other person is doing and wanting to understand their deepest and saddest moments. It also means that you and your significant other should be there for each other when you need warmth and comfort. It’s about making them feel safe and treating them with respect.Therefore, this proves that true love definitely requires effort and great determination. It’s about knowing that they are you’re everything and you can’t ever let them go.

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