For for cancer prevention in various allograft or

For decades, plant-derived phytocompounds alone
or in combinational chemotherapy have been used as
strategies for cancer prevention in various allograft or
xenograft animal models. One particular phytoagent that
has attracted attention recently is deoxyelephantopin
(DET), a major germacranolide sesquiterpene lactone
isolated from the traditional medicinal herb Elephantopus
scaber L. or other Elephantopus genus plants. In Chinese
medicine, Elephantopus scaber is used for treating
hepatitis, bronchitis, nephritis, arthralgia, or stomach
disease symptoms 6, 7. In our previous studies, we
observed that DET is the active compound in the medicinal
plant which was found to significantly suppress mammary
tumor growth and lung metastasis of TS/A (ER+) mammary
cancer cells in vivo and in vitro, and restrict cancer cell

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