feelings of estrangement from a particular community or society

feelings of estrangement from a particular community or society. It is a generalized state of the broad mass of wage workers or laborers. Alienation can be simply expressed as loss of control by workers over their work or where a worker can’t control their workplace, products they produce, etc. as it is not in their hands. People have become obsessed with consumer culture that we end up defining ourselves with the product we use. From a Marxist’s point of view, this practice is incredibly shallow. Marx believed that we are only fully human when we are fully engaged with political and economic processes happening over in society. Capitalism only encourages us to forget about politics and economics and alienates us from our productive base while our identities depend on materialistic good and products.
Alienation combined with commodity fetishism creates a different kind of un-freedom which is not widely noticed. Here all living creatures are effectively transformed into property and every type of social relation becomes transactionary.
7. David Harvey, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Geography, argues that economic crises are inherent to the Capitalist system and in recent years, he has observed that these crises have grown severe and frequent.
8. Capitalist exploitation is very bad in some parts of the world that there is vehement resistance to it. For example the people and President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela in Latin America are anti-Capitalist.
Marx had identified globalization even before it was termed. He called it as the creation of world market. It is the natural result of the tendency of the system to spread and increase the power status, to destroy and incorporate earlier forms of production, to transfigure and transform technology sector and with it the institutions too. Marx saw capitalism as being in a situation of continuous disequilibrium as even though capitalism is dynamic, it also has tendency of uneven development.
In my opinion, Marxism is quite relevant in today’s times. Firstly, there is a social utopian outlined in the Communist Manifesto. Communist Manifesto or originally called as “The Manifesto of Communist Party” was published by Karl Marx in 1848. It is a product of joint development of ideas between Marx and Engels. It attempts to explain communalism as well as theory underlying this movement. It argues that class struggles, or exploitation of one class or one type of community by another are motivating forces behind historical developments. Our modern society is stuck in the same conflict between the middle-class and the rich.
Secondly, in today’s times Marxism has been used in many places. When the Chinese communities took power in 1948, they brought with them a new kind of Marxism and called it Maoism after their leader Mao Zedong. Mao was a Marxist himself and wanted to combine the concept of Marxism with the permanent fundamentals of Chinese culture. Marxism in Cuba where The Marxism of Fidel Castro expressed itself as rejection of any form whether it is political, economic or social. It is related to liberalism and Pan-Americanism. Castro identified

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