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A recruitment process is an organization-specific model of candidate sourcing for the purpose of finding and hiring new employees. 
Job Advertisement.
It is a notice that jobs put out for the public to see to inform them of a job vacancy they have open. It includes the job title, requirements, what makes a suitable candidate and responsibilities. The purpose of this is to promote the job vacancy they have open and to inform people of what they need to have to be a suitable candidate and make sure people who apply do actually fill the needs for the jobs. 

Job Description.

A job description explains what skills employees need to have to get a certain job. It explains limitations and skills which are needed for the job and the duties and responsibilities that the employee will have if they get the job. The purpose of this is to inform the candidate of what they will be doing if they get the job and what they need to do the job.

Person Specification.

The personal specification usually includes the skills and experience required to perform this job. The skills and experience should be shown in the application process. Then, you will be in an interview to prove to the employer that you have these qualities. For this particular job, the experience you would need is stated in the position description:
“Have a proven track record of business partnering and influencing others through financial planning and modelling, incisive risk analysis and excellent communication skills”.

This sentence tells you all you need to know on what the employer is looking for, so showing these skills and proving that you have them can give you a better advantage over the other candidates.

Describe the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role (P2)
Main Employability
Tesco is looking for a candidate that has the right qualifications for the job. An important qualification that the candidate would need to have is a CIMA/ACA qualified accountant. This qualification is essential to have for the job and this particular qualification would stand out in your application and makes you have a higher chance of getting the job. Otherwise Tesco would not read your application if you did not have that qualification on there. Furthermore, this would show to Tesco that you read the requirements for the job and they know what Tesco is looking for.

Tesco would also look for a proven track record of business partnering. This experience is vital to Tesco since they are one of the top supermarket businesses in UK, thus Tesco needs people who know what they are doing to lead in a top area. This would mean that Tesco would be more likely to employ a candidate with a good proven track record, then someone without any. Therefore this would make the candidate more employable.

These two aspects to main employability are important to Tesco as the applicants need these skills to be able to do the job effectively. Tesco would use this to decide who would be most suitable for the job as this would help the employee since they have experience and know what they are doing.

Personal and Communication
The employee would need good communicational skills, so that they can communicate written and verbally effectively with team members. The employee would need to deliver information within meetings confidently to ensure a positive attitude and hard work within the team. Aside from verbal communication, Tesco is also looking for good written communication for the job. This is because the employee would have to write reports, create graphs and possibly taking minutes in meetings as well. Both of these skills are required for this job and Tesco should look for the skills when they are going to employ candidates for the job since it is a vital part in the job role.

Tesco is also looking for candidates to make a personal impact and someone who is keen to make an improvement within the business. This would have a positive impact on their work that they do because they enjoy doing it and is keen to make it better. They are also expected to be motivated and prepared to work hard. They will receive targets and deadlines when they are working. Hard work would be expected and meeting their goals would be done through hard work. This would mean that the work would be done to the deadlines. Therefore working hard and being motivated is expected of the employees.

Another personal skill would be punctual. This skill plays an important part in any job role. This in particular because the employee will be the one leading the meetings and if the employee turns up late or calls in ill then the meeting planned for that day will be delayed or re-scheduled. Re-scheduling meetings will be wasting valuable time and should be avoided. Therefore, Tesco needs to look for candidates that show a level of commitment and arrive early to the meetings.

There are many other personal skills that would be important for the job as a Finance Business Partner in Commercial. This would help them to work effectively and this would mean that they are suitable for the job. Therefore it is important that the employee has these skills as it is important to have them to do the job that is needed. Overall there are many main employability and personal and commination skills, that are required or otherwise they would not be suitable for the job and be able to get it done effectively. Without this then they would have to spend lots on training and they would have to get them to develop their skills effectively. Therefore these are important for the job as an estate surveyor.

Assess the importance of employability, and personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff in a selected organization (M2)
The importance of employability in Tesco is very important. This is because if someone leaves the company they need to get someone else that is qualified to take their place. Without someone taking their place, Tesco would not be able to work effectively as a business since they are missing an employee for the job. This means that other employees need to help fulfil that job role and possibly Tesco needs to change some working hours to make up for the loss.

Without employability, Tesco would not be where it is now and they would not have any staff to manage Tesco. This would mean that they would not be able to have any people to do the work and that they would have to have staff to do the jobs that they need and would not have time to do. Therefore, employability is important so Tesco would recruit more staff to do the jobs that needs fulfilling.

The personal skills of the staff help in the recruitment of the staff at Tesco. This would help with choosing the staff because if they have good skills then they will be able to do the job effectively. So when the employer interviews and reads the application, then they would look for applicant with the relevant skills for the job. This would give the applicant an advantage over the other applicants as they would have the right skills for the job, whereas the other applicants may not have the correct skills that Tesco is looking for. Therefore this is important to Tesco because the applicant must have what Tesco are looking for and the effectiveness to do the job well.

Without personal skills, Tesco would not be able to get the right applicants to replace the previous staffs that have left. This will mean that the people may not have the right skills Tesco is looking for and to be able to do the job properly. Therefore, personal skills are important to Tesco as they would need someone to do the job efficiently and effectively. Therefore this would be very important to Tesco when they are employing new staff to take the positions they need and that personal skills are important to Tesco when employing new staff.

A disadvantage of looking at the skills of the applicant and not employing them despite that they may not have the skills that Tesco is looking for would be that they could be very good at the job. This means that they would not be employing someone with limited skills such as a student and giving them a chance at developing their skills. This would be a disadvantage for Tesco as they will not get any young people in the business unless they have the correct skills for the job.

It is important that Tesco retain staff. Retaining staff is important because they have to have people to do the job. Tesco could offer staff benefits which are exclusive to Tesco. These may include discounts on products they buy within Tesco. These things would mean that only people who work for Tesco would be able to have access to these benefits. This helps Tesco to retain staff as they offer the staff more than just a salary. If Tesco do not retain their staff effectively, then over a long period of time; this would have a negative effect on Tesco. This is because they will have to keep advertising and going through the recruitment process. This would have a huge impact on Tesco as they would not have enough people filling the vacant jobs and they would spend a lot of money on advertising to get new staff. So it is important for Tesco to retain their staff for as long as possible.

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