Evaluation of Working Practices During this task I was given I thought I worked at a reasonable pace

Evaluation of Working Practices During this task I was given I thought I worked at a reasonable pace. I skimmed through my booklet that listed all the tasks and roughly worked out how long it would take to do that task. Each task took different amounts time especially on tasks I found hard. On some task the work was easier so I finished it before my time limit and used that time on another task which took longer for me to do like databases. I completed the work within the time limit I had set and this allowed me to make sure I didnt fall behind or go over my time limit. It took me a total 22 and half hours on this coursework. As we did out coursework in school the atmosphere was moderate and this was good as it wasnt very loud and it allowed me to concentrate and get on with my tasks. I preferred this as it was a good environment to be in and I did not get distracted all the time. All the work for my coursework was done at school and this was a good because I did forget how to do some things or I found some of the things difficult so having my friends and teacher was good so they could help me when I was stuck. I would only ask for advice when I wasnt certainly sure but other than that I tried not to rely too heavily on advice and tried to work things out myself. For my coursework I made folder and sub-folders and gave them all suitable names for each piece of work to go into. Firstly to save all my work, I made a folder called WJEC Unit 2 Faizah Motala. My seven sub-folders had suitable names such as Data Handling, Communicating Information, and Modelling etc. making these allowed me to find out where my work was easily and it was organised and this made sure I didnt get confused. I made three copies of my presentation and leaflet that all contained different things and this showed version management. I gave each document a suitable name like Leaflet V1, Leaflet V2 and Leaflet V3. V3 would be that was final one and the changes had been made. I backed up my work on an external device my USB this allowed me to make sure I dont lose anything and I had another copy in case I lost one. Analysis of research methods and data collected I gathered all my research information from the internet. I used keyword search. Also advanced search made my search precise. The advance search allowed me to search for something and I would get the exactly what I needed. If I wanted to search for personalised mugs then to use advance search I had to put speech marks around it. Personalised mugs this is advanced search and refined my searches so I could find the personalised mugs straight away. I used one advance search and two keyword searches. The Keyword searches were not as precise as it would show me a lot more results and not narrow it down for me. I preferred using advance searches and would use this more. The websites I included in my research was all trustworthy and sufficient. I knew this because when I went on the website the copyright was up to date. The information I found on the website was enough for me to complete my research. I wouldnt change the way I collected my research but I would like to use more advance search as this would make it easier and not waste time. Comments on Modifications made Leaflet (V1-V2) I didnt change a lot from the V1 to V2 as I didnt want to make a big difference. The changes I made, I feel make my leaflet look better. The first change I made was that I changed the shape of my title from an arch shape to straight so it makes it more suitable for my audience and not look childish. After making this change my leaflet looked much nicer and it gave me more space on my leaflet. After that I changed my text on V1. It was Calibri size 16 however I changed it to Berlin Sans FB size 12.The reason I changed it was because it didnt fit before and I thought the text I currently have makes it look more professional. This change made everything just perfect and after it everything fitted on the pages in a good layout. Another change I made was adding more colour. My V1 was very boring and plain I had absolutely no pictures so when I made V2 I added a lot more pictures and this made it more eye-catching and gives my readers a clearer view of what I am selling. After all these changes I realised the difference. I made my work on V2 neater and look suitable for my audience. I liked the outcome of V2. After looking at the V1 and V2 I can see how I would be able to sell more if I was to distribute the leaflets V2 as they would definitely be more suitable for my audience. Leaflet (V2-V3) I decided that my V2 wasnt perfect for me any longer and I received some feedback on it and decided to act upon and after I made the changes I called it Leaflet V3. From my V2 to V3 I made quite a few changes. I made some of my own improvements. I made my own improvements as I wasnt happy completely happy. The first change I made to my leaflet V3 was customising the bullet points. I decided to change the colour from purple to blue and also changed the shape from circles to diamonds. I have done this to make it look even more presentable. I think the bullet points looked plain and I wanted it to be brief points. Changing the shape from simple circles to diamonds definitely made it different. The bullet points were eye-catching and they stood out on the first page. They also give the reader quick information and they dont have to spend ages reading to find out what our store can offer. The next change I made was adding more information. The only contact details on V2 was an address and telephone number. I wanted to add something else that the readers could interact on. I added a website on V3 so people could look at my products online and have more of a variety of items to choose from and get more information. This made it better as people said that it was better after I added a website and people would find it easier. Another change I had made was that I changed the title from white to Purple. I had also changed my title outline from black to blue to make it more attracting. The white and black word art on my V2 leaflet was very dull and plain. Changing it to Purple and blue made it more colourful and I liked the fact it stood out a lot more and I think after making this change I feel my leaflet was more suitable. These were all my own changes. PowerPoint (V1-V2) To my PowerPoint I made a lot of changes. This was because was disappointed with V1 so I wanted to make V2 better. My title had a shadow effect on it because I wanted it to stand out more. However when making changes I realised that I wanted to take it off. I removed my shadow effect as I didnt think it suited my work. On V1 I had a lot of space on the front page it looked very plain and boring so then I added pictures to make my work more appealing on V2. My slide on V1 had lot writing about the products but no pictures and this looked very dull so I added a picture with each product so it gives my readers a clear view of each product. This was helpful and I would benefit my audience. I had my text Calibri (body) size 16 however my I made a choice to change it to Berlin Sans FB size 16. Doing this made it more consistent with all the pieces of work. It looked more professional because all the writing looked the same and it all fitted on one page. PowerPoint (V2-V3) I was overall quite happy with V2 hence why I didnt make a lot of changes. However the changes I did make just made my work better than it was so I was very happy. Firstly I changed the title colour I changed it from black and white to purple and blue because it was the colour of my leaflet so this made it consistent. This made it look more bright and colourful. On V3 I added a website so it is easier for the reader to look online. Also I moved the address, number and website to the front page so it is easier for the reader to find it and also I used up some of the space I had left. Before it was on the last page and if the audience wanted the information then they would not have immediate access to it Also another change I made was to change the order of my pages. On V2 my pages were in a different order. I had the Just for you gifts pages before About us page. I put the About Us page before the Just for You Gifts page. I did this because I thought it made more sense to talk about the company first and then sell them our products. This is also consistent with my leaflet as that was order the information was. These changes were really helpful and the outcome of the changes made my work better and I would like to present V3 to my audience as this would attract more people. Database I created a database for my work to shows my order list. I made a couple changes to it. Firstly I added four more field names with different data types. I used data types such as price, text, Yes/No and Date/Time. I did this because I wanted to know more about the items and the customer, example if they have had it delivered or not. I also inserted two new rows onto my database and filled out their information. I added two more people as they wanted to also order from me. I also deleted a record on my database. I did this because John Jones doesnt want promotional material anymore so as he doesnt want to order I deleted his record from my database. At first my names were in any order I had placed them but then I changed it so that the last names are in ascending order. This change was only made because I thought I looked more professional. I search for customers aged between 18-30 years old and who lived in Chester. I then made a query for this and then I made a form. I customised my form so it I could make it look like I how I wanted it to, by outlining the box in blue. I created a form which was created on the customer table which allowed me to access my information. The database solved the problems. I also created a form to make it easier for people to input the data. On my form the boxes were small and I couldnt see the information so I have modify the boxes and align them equally so the information was readable. It was easy for me to print out sorted list. I had no errors in my work and I spell checked my database. Lastly I made buttons. The buttons allowed me to do things quicker. I created three of them and one was for Next Record the next for Add a Record and the last was for Delete Record. I created a validation technique rule which I have done on the age. The rule I have said is that customers need to be 18 or over. Spreadsheet I created a spreadsheet and the information I included in my spreadsheet was all suitable and I made a table for the sizes of the frames and prices. I also added prices for font colour, font style, number of images, image size, border colour and border width. On my table I put a border around it so it looks like a proper table. At the top of my page I inserted a header which was Spreadsheet Item List and a footer which were page numbers on my spreadsheet. I made an option sheet so then I could look at the changes whenever the option of the product was altered. I used currency for all the prices. I also made a bar graph with my data to show how much the final cost of each item would be. I had two versions of my spreadsheet and I called them Spreadsheet V1 and Spreadsheet V2. This helped me make sure all my work was right as v1 had sheet three missing whereas V2 was complete. Evaluation of documents and presentation produced Leaflet the leaflet I created introduced my company Just for You. I created it for an adult audience for both male and female. I made sure it was for both because my background was blue and pink. I made sure it didnt look too girly and it was a good balance between the two colours. My text on my work is suitable for the audience and it tells the audience everything they need to know about my company and it carries the message quite well. After reading the leaflet the reader will know about the products as it is appropriately set out. I have spell checked my work and I also asked people to review and that is how I know that it is accurate and there is no errors. The sentences are grammatically corrected and it has no mistakes throughout the whole leaflet. The layout of the leaflet is pretty straightforward and I have included a table of prices so the audience can get an idea of what my company offers. I also asked people if they would come to my shop to buy products after seeing my leaflet and most of them would. PowerPoint my presentation was very informative. All the data I had was similar to my information of my leaflet. I made sure it contrasts with leaflet so it is all consistent. I had three slides but there was a sufficient amount of text that would be enough for my audience. I had a font page which didnt have any text on it however I made it so it would attract customers. The other page talked about my company and it included about the opening times. I used many pictures throughout my PowerPoint because I wanted it to make it more appealing and so my customers get an idea of what Im selling. I wouldnt change anything as I was happy that it was attractive, informative and it had no mistakes to it. I also was happy with the layout and all things I made different from version two to version three. Analysis of data and information used in modelling and data handling Database my database was helpful as it allowed me to find all my information easily and quickly. This is because I sorted the names out in descending order from A to Z. the database data was all suitable because I incudes everything I need. All the data was sufficient for my database. I struggled throughout some of the things I had to do on the database. I asked for help and after I received help I understood what I had to do. I wasnt entirely sure how to create a query but then I asked for help and I made my query successfully. I found it easy to print out sorted list as it was easy for me to create my report using a query and then I could print it. Database solved any problems asked because I could easily find all the customers who live in Chester and the customers that are aged 18 to 30. From this information I could quickly make a report. Spreadsheet the spreadsheet had data which was all suitable. It had the price of the products and information of the products such as the price, colour, and image size. I created a validation technique so I had one table with the prices of different products which I could change the option example the colour of the text instead of having different tables. I made my spreadsheet easy for me to use so if I was to change the option of one my products or if I then the totals and the discount would change itself. This helped me greatly because I didnt have to go and change the formula. It saved so much more time so it helped me get on with something else. All the results that were produced were accurate. I know this because I used automatic formulas which made sure my results were perfect. My spreadsheet was created so I could tell my audience the price of my items and how much it would cost to add extra things. Evaluation of other tools and techniques used Logo I also used Macromedia to make my logo which I had placed on all leaflet and PowerPoint. I made my logo for consistency and house-style between my PowerPoint and leaflet. Using Macromedia Fireworks, I used a picture of a piece of text from Google Images which was blurry when I enlarged it so I made it smaller and positioned my picture on my blue rounded square box. I then used the Magic tool to remove the white background around my picture. I also added another picture which I also got rid of the white background. I position my picture in the middle. I used three layer one is the background shape the second is the text and the last is the gift image. Leaflet on my leaflet I added a background which added lots of colour. I used work art for my title on my front page so I could make sure it is eye-catching. I added my logo on my leaflet son I can brand my company on any work I produce. This also made it consistent. I used text boxes to write information in and also another text box to give a brief description of the products sold. To make my work professional I left aligned my text and centre aligned some of the other text. As I listed some text I used bullet points to make it more formal but then customised my bullet points. I changed the shape from circles to diamonds. I also italicised my address, telephone number and website so it would stand. I also inserted a table called table of prices and it gave customers a clear view of prices. I underlined the heading of the table for everyone knows what my table is about. I also inserted a header and footer so it looked complete and there were page numbers. Presentation I copied pictures from Google Images and pasted it to my PowerPoint. I wasnt happy with the picture because it had a black border on the outside so cropped it out. I used crop tool all throughout my PowerPoint because most of the pictures I found on goggle images had borders around them. I copied some images on to Macromedia fireworks and used the magic tool to get rid of the background and then copied it back onto my presentation. I placed my logo on my PowerPoint. I also re-sized it because it was too big and not the size I wanted it to be. I scaled it and then it fitted on the PowerPoint slide. It added transitions to my PowerPoint slides because I wanted it to make it more eye-catching and appealing as the reader looks through the PowerPoint. All the information was correct and suitable. Database I sorted multiple fields when searching for a query I searched for customer in Chester and it allowed me see all the customers who ordered from me that live in Chester. I also used multiple searches so I was able to see customers aged between 18 and 30 years old. I added a validation rule so it would only work if the age entered is 18 or above. I tried adding age 17 and it would not work as the age was below the validation number, it produced an error message. I also created three buttons as I wanted it to be easier for me.one one of the forms I created and formatted, I added a button for Next Record the next for Add a Record and the last was for Delete Record. I positioned at the buttons at the top of the page. Spreadsheet I used cell grid to make my table look properly formatted. I used currency so it shows that I have used pounds and it shows that I am talking about money and not text. I used absolute cell referencing. I inserted a bar graph and labelled the axis. I inserted footer as page numbers so everything is in order when I print it out. I printed it out in landscape orientation. I printed out the page showing formulas to show I actually did use them. I printed without any mistakes. Email I composed an email to Khadijah Patel to ask for feedback on my leaflet and presentation. I named the subject Personalised Gifts I added two attachments which were my leaflet and presentation and sent it to her. I also received an email from Khadija Patel so I could look at her work and also give feedback on it and how she can improve it. I downloaded and opened her attachments and replied to her email answering the questions I also forwarded my email to three more other people using CC and BCC. Review of feedback given and received I received feedback on my leaflet and presentation through a set of questions. My questions were For my leaflet 1. Is my background suitable for my audience 2. Has my leaflet got enough images 3. Can you read the writing on my leaflet 4. Does the logo house style match with my leaflet house style 5. How can I improve my leaflet For my PowerPoint 1. Is my PowerPoint suitable for an adult audience 2. Could I add anything to my PowerPoint 3. Is my font easy to read 4. Does my PowerPoint laid out properly 5. Is the name of my company suitable This is the feedback I received from Khadija Leaflet Feedback 1. In my opinion I think your background is suitable for your leaflet. The reason I think this is as you have used a pink colour and an aqua colour background. The pink is suited for ladies and the aqua is suited for men. Therefore, I think the background caters for both genders. 2. I think your leaflet has got enough images. However, you could have all your images the same size so your leaflet is consistent. 3. Your font size is legible and your font size is also readable. 4. I feel your logo house-style is too dark for your leaflet background. Therefore, it does not match very well. I would suggest for you to change the logo background to a lighter shade. 5. In my opinion I feel you could re-size your images so the images are not so pixelated. Also one of your images is overlapping your chart on the second page. Therefore, I suggest for you to move the image slightly so the image is not overlapping the chart. Another thing which you could change is, some your writing has been cut off on your second slide. So, expand some of your cells. PowerPoint Feedback 1. I dont think you PowerPoint are suitable for an adult audience. The reason being is I think the background looks very childish. I would suggest for you to change the green to a darker colour. 2. I would suggest for youre to add more images to your first slide as there is a lot of empty space which has been wasted. 3. Your font is readable and clear for me to read. However, a point I would like to mention, is the font size is size 12 on your second slide but on your third slide your font size is size 16. The font size has to be consistent. 4. Your PowerPoint layout looks professional. However, as suggested above I would suggest for you to use the empty space more wisely. Also on your first slide some of the words have capital letters at the beginning of each word, whereas some words don not have capital letter at the beginning. 5. Yes I think your name of the company is suitable. This is the feedback I received from Aaliyah Leaflet Feedback 1. I do not think that your background is suitable for an adult audience as it looks like it is for a children audience. I think this because your colours look like they are aimed at a younger age group as they are very light and childish. 2. I think that your leaflet has enough images because there are images on the back of your leaflet that shows some of your products and they are spaced out and you have a good number of images. 3. I can read the text on your leaflet however I think that it can be a bit bigger as when you are at a far distance it would be a little bit of a struggle to read. 4. Your logo house style matches beautifully with your leaflet house style as it is a very colour and it relates to your leaflet purpose as it has images of gift boxes. 5. I think that you can improve your leaflet by moving one of the images on the back of your leaflet as it has been covered by your table. I also think that you should make the image of your mugs on the back of the leaflet as it looks a bit squished. PowerPoint Feedback 1. I think that your presentation is not suitable for an adult audience as it is very light and the colours look like they are aimed at a younger audience. 2. I think that you could add more images on to the first slide on your presentation as it is a bit bare and you could fill up the space a bit more. 3. The font is the perfect size as it can be seen from a distance and does not look too big. 4. I think that the slides are laid out properly however I think that the address on slide 3 has just been squished in and could be put on the first slide where there is a lot of space. 5. I think that the name of your company is suitable as it tells you that it is for someone and you can personalize it as it is called just for you. This is the feedback I received from Rukia Leaflet Feedback 1) Yes your leaflet is suitable for your audience as the colours are suitable for both males and females. 2) Yes there are enough images on your Leaflet which makes it interesting. 3) Yes I can read the text on your leaflet but I would suggest they you make it bigger from size 12 to size 14 so that it is readable from a far distance. 4) Yes the logo house style matches with your Leaflet house style. 5) To improve your Leaflet I think that you should make the images bigger so that it can be seen from a far distance. PowerPoint Feedback 1) I think that you should Change the aqua colour on your PowerPoint to a darker green. 2) No you do not need to add anything on to your PowerPoint as you have added everything. 3) Yes your font is easy to read as it can be read from a far distance. 4) Yes your PowerPoint layout is good as it follows one after the other. 5) Yes the name of your PowerPoint is suitable as it relates to your topic. This is the feedback I received from Ruqayyah Leaflet Feedback 1) Your background seems suitable for an adult audience, male and female, as there is a variety of colours which include pink, blue and white and as youve implemented all of these, it makes it more suitable. 2) Your leaflet has enough images but you couldve added more pictures on your first page. 3) The writing on your leaflet is legible as the colour contrasts well with the background and the font style and size is clear enough. 4) The logo house style matches with your leaflet house style as the colour schemes for both are quite similar. 5) On your second page, you have overlapped the one of the photos with your table and you also couldve labelled the table to show what your table is for. PowerPoint Feedback 1) Your presentation is suitable for an adult audience, as there is sufficient amount of information and digital pictures. 2) You could underline the headings for your prices to make it clearer. 3) Your font is easy to read as the size, colour and style are all clear and contrast with the background, nicely. 4) Your presentation is laid out properly but on your first slide you couldve added something in the middle as there is a big space which hasnt been filled up. 5) The name of your company is suitable as it indicates that you can personalise items which would suit your preferences. Improvements to Leaflet After looking through my emails that I received I picked out which changes were commonly stated. I made sure I made these changes to my leaflet so it would make my work better. I wrote these changes and made three different changes. I also looked and visualise the change that if it would make my work more appealing. The first improvement was that I made all my pictures the same size and bigger than they were before. This was suggested to me by Khadijah Patel and Rukia Rahman. This change makes my work looks more professional and suitable for an adult audience. The second improvement was that I also added more images on the front page. This was suggested to me by Ruqayyah Panchbhaya because the front page needed more pictures so it also is appealing like the second page is full of images. The Last improvement was that I added my title Table of Price. Ruqayyah Panchbhaya also suggested this so it is clear to the reader what I am talking about. Improvements to PowerPoint Also I was really eager to make more changes and improve on my work. I looked through my emails and again picked out some changes that seemed suitable and were easy to make. Firstly I filled the page with more pictures. Khadija Patel, Aaliyah and Ruqayyah Panchbhaya suggested I do this so my front page looks more appealing and not boring. After, I filled the page with more pictures. Khadija Patel, Aaliyah and Ruqayyah Panchbhaya suggested I do this so my front page looks more appealing and not boring. Lastly I have underlined the headings for my prices like Ruqayyah Panchbhaya suggested so it makes my prices clearer. Suggestions for improvement Leaflet If I could make an improvement to my leaflet then I would firstly make my font text bigger. It is size 12 but I would change it to size 14 so it stands out and the reader finds it interesting. I would also put a border around my leaflet as this would be something that would make my work stand out and eye-catching. The last change I would make is that I would definitely change the position of the logo because I am not extremely happy with where it is now. At the moment it is in the middle beneath the title but I would like it to put it above the title so people knew that it was my company and it was important that they knew that. PowerPoint If I was to make a change to my PowerPoint I would change somethings. I would add more pictures on one the slides which is quite plain. Adding more pictures would make sure all the slides are as nice as the others. I would change one the pages layout. I would put the pictures in a line instead of scattering them around all over the place. I would also again reposition my logo as it is beneath the title and I would put it above the title again so people knew that it was my company and it was important that they knew that. Database if was to make any differences to my database then I would definitely want to add more buttons. This would make it easier for me to do more actions like find records. I only have three buttons and adding more would help. I would also add my logo to my database so that it is more obvious it is for my company. Lastly I would add another screen entry form so I do not have to create a completely new query. Spreadsheet if any improvements could be made to my spreadsheet then I would make these changes. I would fill in my table with many different colours so it stands out. I would look more colourful. I would also like to add to add more option sizes for my calendars. This would give my audience a wider variety of choice. Lastly I would change my bar graph to another type of graph such as a pie chart as this would clearly show the prices. Faizah Motala PAGE MERGEFORMAT 10 Y, dXiJ(x(I_TS1EZBmU/xYy5g/GMGeD3Vqq8K)fw9
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