Essay Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray

– What is the author trying to say about life through this book?

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Explain why you think so.

I am not to sure on exactly what the author is trying to say through

this book. I think he is telling us to live a full and moral life.

Well I don’t think he expects us to lead a completely moral life, but

because of the picture of Dorian’s soul I think he was trying to say

lead a good life. He wants us to know that we can sin, its completely

normal, but the more you do it the uglier your soul gets.

He’s saying that youth is innocence and it fades with age and sin. And

since Dorian remained youthful in appearance the portrait became

haggard and ugly. He is also saying that other people cause a huge

influence on people. He shows this with Lord Henry influencing Dorian

from an innocent young man to a horrible person with a youthful

appearance. Also media has an influence on people. He shows this

through that book Lord Henry gave to Dorian, which consumed him.

I think this because as I was reading the book I could see that Lord

Henry had great influences on Dorian. And Basil realized this as well.

Lord Henry corrupted Dorian with his odd philosophies and views on

life. Dorian began to think that Lord Henry’s thinking was the only

way to live and get by in the world.

You see this sort of thing happen all the time even today. There is

peer pressure, I don’t believe in it unless the person being pressured

has horrible friends and no self-esteem, and there is great influence

from the media. All of these things are shown in this book. I think

that this book is very good, though a little drawn out at some points.

But, it relates to some issues of today and I think that it is

important for a good book to…

…ff because he is an artist.

I was also wondering if anyone put two and two together and figured

out that the painting had to do with Dorian’s corruption and not

aging. Or if they figured out that Dorian stabbed the painting and not

really himself and that killed him.

I also wanted to know what happened with that biologist or who ever

that was that came and destroyed Basils body for Dorian. I wanted to

know exactly why he killed himself or why he had to do the favor for


I wondered what happened with the mother of the young actress and the

sailor brother. If she ever figured out that Dorian was the cause of

both of her children’s deaths.

It was a good book though, even if these questions were left

unanswered. I personally think that there should have been an

after-word or something like that at the end, but there wasn’t and

there’s nothing I can do about it.

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