Essay on Problems in Relations among People from Different Countries

This monologue aims to explore a wide range of problems

concerning relationships among people that come from different

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countries, as well as the difficulties that re-adapting to a fast paced

city like London entails.

The infidelity theme is revealed immediately in the text, but it should not be

identified as the main theme.

Functioning as a powerful driving force, it has the purpose to serve as a starting point

from which i intend to develop and analyse all the contradictions and problems of

living in a foreign country.?

The action is triggered by an act of unfaithfulness that causes disruption, confusion

and ultimately pain.

Subsequently, the reaction to this act uncovers an articulate set of emotions, from

astonishment to anger, from self-pity to self-awareness.

?My tendency to question everything shows through the text in the form of a search

for reasons: what did just happen and why it did happen. One possible answer

is that couples who struggle to reach a deeper and significant level of understanding,

have more chances to take separate ways once the stupor and amazement of the first

few months fades away. When do they fail to do so? Certainly when there is no

communication among parties.

Being in a mixed relationship can be far more complicated than one with fellow

compatriots because of the cultural differences and especially the language barrier.

The proliferation of mixed couples is the result of globalisation, phenomenon

especially accentuated in multicultural cities like London.

Faster and cheaper transportation have sensibly shortened physical distance. Also the

extensive use of social media plays a crucial part in the process.

The international student exchange, and especially th…

…mense Kenneth Williams, and as i mentioned earlier

Bobby Baker and Bridget Christie. Their sensitivity and talent spoke to

my heart and gave me the confidence to challenge myself in order to explore the

format of stand-up comedy.

All the work we have done in class enabled me to push the boundaries of my own

creativity to a level i did not think was possible to achieve.

My final thoughts go to this great country and especially to the city of London which

has taught me that the real challenge is to learn and experience as much as i can but

still manage to preserve my uniqueness as an individual, and my dignity as a human


The ultimate goal is to absorb without being absorbed.

?Quod erat demostrandum in my own interpretation of the words of Kenneth Williams

– if we are not free to be and to express ourselves then “what’s the bloody point?”.

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