Essay on Description of Rotary compressors

Rotary compressors have shown to have a good mechanical performance with quieter and smoother operation, thus are widely used in many applications. However, the critical factors affecting the overall efficiency of the compressors are mainly the mechanical losses. Friction losses in rotary compressors do not only reduce the mechanical efficiency, but also reduce the reliability and life-span of the compressor, (Teh and Ooi, 2009c).In most of the rotary compressors, sliding components usually possess high relative velocities hence high friction which limits their mechanical performance. For example, friction analysis of a rolling piston compressor, (Matsuzaka and Nagatomo, 1982; Ozu and Itami, 1981; Yanagisawa and Shimizu, 1985a), has shown that high friction is generated between the rolling piston and the eccentric rotor.Matsuzaka and Nagatomo (1982) have improved the mechanical performance of the rolling piston rotary compressor by modifying the shape of the rolling piston and the lubrication system. As a result, the compression efficiency was increased to 94%, while the overall compressor efficiency obtained was 74%. Similarly in the scroll compressor.Hayano et al. (1988) have found that there was a significant friction loss between the fixed scroll and the rotating scroll.In the rotary vane compressor, Kruse (1982) and Ma et al. (2004) have reported that large friction losses occur at the contacts between the vane tips and the stationary cylinder and as well as that between the vane sides and the vane slots on the rotor which lead to a poor mechanical efficiency and a limited use of the compressor. In comparison with a rotary vane compressor, Hua et al. (2008) have recently shown that a reduction of 54.8% in the friction po…

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