Essay on Biography Of Mark Twain

Samuel Clemens based his works on things that occurred throughout

his personal

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life. He gained many interests and talents while on the Mississippi

River that contributed

to his writings. Samuel Clemens was born on November

30, 1835 in Florida, Missouri. He was

two months premature. AT the time

of his birth, Haley’s comet was in the sky. Four

years after Clemens was

born, his family moved to Hannibal, Missouri. He grew up there

on the Mississippi

River. The river supported some of the happiest moments in his life.


was the fifth child in the family of John and Jane Clemens. The first seven


of his life, he was under the supervision of his mother and the family physician,


Hugh, because of being sick. At age nine, though, Clemens was known to

be grown up.In 1847, his father died. He began to carry our adult responsibilities

now at age 12. He

began working and running errands to contribute to the

family. After his father died, thefamily began to have bad financial problems.

When Clemens turned seventeen, he was

ready to be on his own, He began to

write stories and sketches for newspapers. He

supported himself for the next

two years. He also decided to go east ward from Hannibal

to work on printing

jobs. (Miller, Dwyer, Wood, 259)

He enrolled in school at age four. He

was well-behaved and disciplined in school.Learning was a privilege to Clemens.

he was interested in knowing facts, information, and

figures. He had a strong

knowledge of math, language, vocabulary, and correct

composition. He learned

much about Botany. At age 12, he quit school and became a

printer’s apprentice.

In 1901, he received his Lit. D. degree from Yale, 1902. his Lit. D.


from the University of Missouri, and in 1907 his Lit. D. degree from Oxford.


1857, Clemens started down the Mississippi River. He made important


with important consequences in his life. Clemens persuaded Horace Bixby to


him piloting skills. In 1859, he became a licensed riverboat pilot. During

the 1850’s

while he piloted steamboats, he adopted the name Mark Twain in

Virginia City. Mark

Twain was a name meaning two fathoms deep, used on a

Mississippi River steamboat.(Discovering Authors) Twain first began to

publish under his…

…s in

1896. She

died peacefully and was laid to rest by her brother. After Susy’s death, the


secluded themselves in London. His other two daughters, Clara and Jean, moved


from Twain. Clara married a pianist and lived in Europe. Jean spent most

of her

adult life in nursing homes. Jean had the worst relationship with

her father out of the

Clemens children. The last few months of her life,

though, she grew closer to her father

while living with him. In December

of 1909, she died. (Miller,17)

Twain was not known as an easy man to live

with. He had a bad temper, but he

tried to keep it under control. In 1904

his wife, Olivia, died in Italy. On April 24, 1910

Twain died at Stormfield

of angia pectoris at age 74. Haley’s comet was once again in the

sky at this

time. He was buried in Elmira, New York.

After his death, he was known as

a hero. Schools, parks, and museums have been

named after him. His works

have become known as the first and finest literary expression.According

to Ernest Hemingway, Twain was the father of all Literature. He is “the poet


a unique phase of American experience.” (Smist, 38)

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