Ernest Hemingway: Travels around the World Essay

Ernest Miller Hemingway orErnest Hemingway as he was known was an American author and journalistborn on July 21, 1899, Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. He was the second child and the first son of his family to a physician of a father Dr. Clarence and a singer of a mother Grace Hemingway which was really different from other families in those days.Ernest Hemingway got into Oak Park and River Forest High School and proves to be an excellent student athlete who boxed, played sports and wrote for the schools newspaper and yearbook. I suppose his writing career started there and when he graduated, he decided to not go to college and serve in World War I and also worked in Journalism for a newspaper before he began publishing his collections In Our Time later in the years to come.“The newspapers style guidelines influenced Hemingway’s writing style for the rest of his career: Use short sentences, short first paragraphs, and vigorous English” (Fisher, Kansas City Star).He won the 1953 Pulitzer and also in 1954, Hemingway won the Nobel Prize because of his genuine writing style in which he implemented in his literary works. He was mostly known for novels like The Sun Also Rises, AFarewell to Arms, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and The Old Man and the Sea, which he worked on and was influenced while he was in different parts of the world.Hemingway’s journey throughout different parts of the world and his literary works that was published at his stays there will be pointed out and analyzed individually in this paper.Let me start off by sayingthat Hemingway was born at a time when most Americans didn’t travel but that did not stop him. While he was in the hospital after being wounded at service in Italy, Hemingway falls in love with hi…

…his to be fourth and last wife Mary Welsh, who was also a war correspondent and reporter. After their meeting, “They traveled together in England, and then on to the French coast and Paris, following the Allied forces as they first invaded Normandy and eventually liberated the French capital” (Ernest Hemingway Collection). He soon divorced his wife Martha Gellhorn, and of course as expected remarried again, to Mary Welsh and his life continued from thereafter. Although Hemingway did not live a traditional lifestyle compared to those of his times with his four fives, he accomplished more than was expected in his times. Earning from his Noble and Pulitzer prizes in literature to his trophies he acquired from the games he hunted. He still remains one of the most celebrated writers in my time and is still remembered for his great work after his demise due to depression.

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