Ernest Hemingway: Prelude To A Tragedy

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Ernest Hemingway’s suicide was foreseen by most who knew him well. During his

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lifetime, he was a very well-rounded, yet seemingly unsatidfied man. He appeared to be

afraid of nothing, not even death. In fact, in many of his poems and short stories

conceited on death. His hobbies included bullfighting, big game hunting, and war, which

all included the same risk: death. Hemingway saw that he was predestined to die, and his

only hope was to face the inevitable stoically. He set colassal expectations for himself,

and he looked at himself as a failure whenever he achieved a “less than great” status.

Hemingway was very accident prone, and also inclined to become ill rather frequently.

Also, his father committed suicide in 1928 due to depression and health problems.

Hemingway was brought up in a somewhat prestigious family, and he was urged to

follow the footsteps of his parents. His mother taught him music, and made sure he was

well-educated in the arts, while his father wanted him to study medicine. His parents ran a

strict household, and disciplined his well as his other siblings. In his youth years,

Hemingway loved to go hunting and fishing and engage in war games with his friends.

When World War I began, Hemingway wanted to go fight, but his father forbade

him to. Despite his father’s wishes, he went anyway. Unfortunately, because he had less

than perfect eyesight, he was not allowed to fight. Instead he accepted a job as an

ambulance driver in Italy, where he got a first-hand look at death.

Hemingway traveled all over the world during his lifetime, writing about his

experiences and everything he saw. He married four times, his longest relationship lasting

only about twelve years. As mentioned before, Hemingway was very accident prone. In

World War I, he was hit by some Austrailian artillary and seriously injured his leg. After

numerous operations, he ended up with two hundred and twenty-seven scars on his leg.

In another incident, he was involved in a plane crash, but no one was seriously injured.

They managed to call out another plane, and as soon as it took off, it also crashed. In this

accident, he lost virtually all use of his kidneys, which resulted in extremely high blood

pressure. He was administered drugs to keep his blood pressure down, but one of the

major side effect they had on him was depression. Hemingway developed a very

withdrawn, moody personality, and often talked of suicide. His last wife, with whom he

was still married, was very concerned about him and sent him to the Mayo clinic to treat

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