Education is an indispensable ingredient of development and a fundamental right of every individual

Education is an indispensable ingredient of development and a fundamental right of every individual. Education is a power-catalyzing agent, which provides mental, physical, ideological and moral training to individuals, to enable them to have full consciousness oftheir purpose in life and equip them to achieve that purpose. It is an instrument for the spiritual development as well as the material fulfillment of human needs.
Generally, it is believed that education is a process by which individual’s socialization takes place. Education is a socializing factor. It is consciously controlled process where by changes in behavior is produced in the person and through the person within the group. The statement that “Man is a social animal” is a famous saying. A man is born in a society and lives in a society. He breathes in the social atmosphere. Society is
around him and within him. Speaking broadly education is the process of transferring man’s original nature into human and therefore social nature directed toward the goal of making living in the world good and worthwhile.
Education is a social process, which ensures the development of an individual from a similar and lower position to a more complex and higher one. Various aspects of human development are kept under consideration during an educational process. Goraha, M.A. (1981)
Education must inculcate the people needs in order to take effective part in the fast development taking place all over the globe. Education refers to the needs of the individual and society. According to Ali S.A. and H.S. (1979, p.ix) “Education is a process involving three references; the individual, the society or national community to which he or she belongs, and the whole content of reality, both material and spiritual, which plays a dominant role in determining the nature and destiny of man and society”.
Education has been playing its role in the development of primary education. The meaning and scope of education is much wider than that of literacy. A highly literate person can be illiterate as well. This obviously sounds paradoxical but this is a fact known to all scholars in different fields of knowledge. General literacy is not enough in the world of today. Several other specialized forms of literacy are essential for meaningful effective dealing in life. Education is responsible for overall development of individual and society constantly. According to Siddiqui S.A. (1982, p.i)
The purpose of education, according to Rohidekar, S.R. (1997, p.79) is “to convert savage into sage by providing opportunities and guiding each to develop to the maximum his/her potential abilities and aptitudes into appropriate knowledge, skills and qualities of head and heart. Only quality education can achieve this goal”. If education is to built nation builders, teacher education should concern itself with providing master builders, well-equipped physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually development of the individual and society.

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