DocSystems Billing

DocSystems Billing, Inc. works for a large network of healthcare clinic. These include private owned practices and specialists, by processing insurance billing paperwork (Anderson, 2015). There are 30 Medical Insurance Specialists (MIS) and 10 Senior Insurance Consultants (SIC), who make up the 40 full time employees at the on-site call center. DocSystems also has 100 Billing Specialist who work at an outsourced call center. The senior director of DocSystems is Jim. There are two managers below him named Alex and Dana who each manage 20 employees. (Five SICs, and fifteen MISs each) Billing specialists handle much of the cases, but report to the MISs if they run into issues. (Anderson, 2015) MISs usually handle cases that have been returned by insurance companies because they need further information and cases where a patient may have issued a complaint or appeal. (Anderson, 2015) When they do run into issues they report directly to the senior insurance consultants who handle most every-thing at the company, but their main focus is on the most complex cases. The case revolves around four scene within the company between Jim, the senior director, Dave,

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