Disability of a child

Disability of a child, the core component of a family, and accompanying challenges affect profoundly other members of the family and may be an intensive source of anxiety. If members of family having to take care of the disabled child all day and for ages, physical and psychosocial healthiest influenced in a negative way (Yilmaz et al., 2013). Between 2 and 4 people out of every 100 have severe disabilities. A disability percentage of Bangladesh said that in age group (0-4) is 5.2%, in age group (5-9) is 9.8% and in age group (10+) is a 9.9% person with disabilities. If those percentages are applied to the 2004 UN/WHO statistics, the total numbers of disabled Bangladesh children, age’s birth to ten is 3,153,886, or 7.7% of the population of that age (Ackerman, P et al. 2005).Disability does not just affect an individual but the whole family and community around the individual. The children with severe disability are 8.2% from total disability and among them about 36% cognitive, 27% speech, 18% hearing, 9% movement, 7% vision and 2% epilepsy. Cerebral palsy (CP) is a condition that has impact on the children. It is one of the most common conditions which are to be noticed among the children in rural and urban area. The prevalence of cerebral palsy in Bangladesh is 4157 person among 141,340,476 people and the rate is 0.003% among the whole population. Rehabilitation is comprehensive and multifaceted and the service provision can be challenging.(Jeglinsky, I., 2012.)
The family-allied model is described as family guiding, where professionals guide families to implement interventions. In family focused approach, families are seen as capable of making choices but only among the options given by the professionals. Professionals also guide and give advice on family functioning and how it can be improved. Finally, in the family-centered approach families and professionals are partners on an equal basis and parents are seen as experts on their child´s needs. Professionals are more coaches or consultants (Jeglinsky, I., 2012)

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