Despite the fact that America is a democratic system it is known that the final decision for the presidents and government is chosen by the electoral voters

Despite the fact that America is a democratic system it is known that the final decision for the presidents and government is chosen by the electoral voters. Today it isn’t hidden that America’s president, Donald Trump, is strongly controversial. His actions and what he preaches effects everybody in this nation, whether it’s beneficial or unbeneficial but there’s absolutely nothing citizens can do now. However , citizens do have a choice on who they want to represent their voice and beliefs by following a certain influencer.
Right now one of the biggest influencers known is the famous music and fashion icon Kanye West. It is not a secret that Kanye West is also very controversial with his words and beliefs but nobody can really stop him now due his huge platform he has built over the years. Right now he is probably the most talked person in news article , for that he has came out that he is a Donald Trump supporter. In order to understand his reasoning on why he supports Donald Trump it is important to understand him.
Kanye West has been in media’s spotlight since the early 2000’s; as a successful singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer. Throughout the many years of being in the media spotlight, he has gain a huge audience. Many well known influencers, who have very huge platforms, try to maintain an image that represent them but also try to please their audience and their beliefs. Kanye West is an example of contrary as he is known to proudly express his opinions on music, race and ,most controversial, U.S politics.
On September 29 of 2018, Kanye West announced that he is a Donald Trump supporter by making an appearance on the million view show Saturday Night Live in a MAGA ( Make America Great Again) hat. As expected this lead to many confused reactions. This raised many addled faces due to the fact that one of the main controversy Trump has, is his racist mentally and vocabulary. In May of 2018 he refer immigrants as ” These aren’t people. These are animals.” Donald Trump has also been rumored to say “Laziness is a trait in the blacks.” Now Kanye is known to strongly be proud of his African American culture. Many would say that Kanye is responsible for cultural movement and progression. If he was able to influence a cultural movement can he now influence his audience to support these racist comments ? So it is menacing that he stands for and supports a verbally racist president.
It seems that Kanye really is passionate and proud on supporting President Trump. On October 11 he had visited Trump at the White House. During his visit he shared his opinions on politics and on the president himself. During his “rant ” he stated ” It was something about when I put this hat on, it made me feel like Superman,” Now this can give off the impression that he is trying to make Trump a hero figure and he is trying to convince his fans to see trump in a herolike light. Kanye West also discussed the racism discussion with stating ” You think racism can control me? Oh that don’t stop me, that’s an invisible wall.” This develops the idea that Kanye is unbothered with Trump’s racist commentary. He ignores this fact and still proudly supports him blindly. This demonstrates how passionate Kanye West is on supporting President Donald Trump.
Kanye mainly discussed the problems with his home city Chicago and the lack of father figures. He explained that an issue for the high crime rates was due to the lack of fathers. Kanye furthermore explained that he is inspired by Trump , as he is a father figure to him. Kanye even said he needed that ” male energy’ Trump was giving Kanye.
Without him knowing Kanye has influenced many of his followers in many ways. Donald Trump has said it himself, that due to Kanye being expressly supportive of Trump that Trump has developed more African American supporters. However, Kanye has also lost many followers on social medias and had many other well known influencers publicly disagree with Kanye. The situation has craze the U.S in a negative way.
President Donald Trump also has gone his way to praise Kanye West on social media, campaign rallies and interviews. He has called him “a genius in the music business” and that ” he is a different kind of guy but in a positive way.” Ever since Kanye has first started to follow Trump, Trump’s polls has grown up 25 percent. The rise of polls adds up for the fact that Kanye has a huge influence on the African American community.
Kanye did responded to the negative backlash he receive for expressing his opinions on the U.S and its politics. Kanye defended himself by explaining that liberals make everything seem one sided due to the fact that the majority of today’s media influencers are liberals. Kanye supports this by claiming that friends and co-stars on Saturday Night Live “bully him” to not wear his MAGA hat. He responded to still during his speech at the end of the show by saying ” I thought this country said I can be me.” This statement can just mean that Kanye is just defending his privilege to the First Amendment like any other citizen. Kanye claims he will support his beliefs and opinions despite all the negative backlash he will receive, to satisfy himself.

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