DATE @ “MMMM d, yyyy” September 30, 2018
Sendhil DamodaranSUMMARY:
Business Analyst experience in implementing IT systems for healthcare, manufacturing, financial accounting, procurement PTP, OTP sales order processing in the automotive and Manufacturing industries. Acted as a liaison for the Business and technical team. Gathered business requirement, analyzed problems, performed GAP analysis, designed solution, evaluated system, converted solutions to technical specification, tested and implemented software application.
Facilitated and conducted JAD sessions, documented context, functional decomposition, User stories, Mind maps using Business Requirement tools like RequisitePro.
Defined requirements for data architecture changes – Designed complex data needs using Physical, Logical ER data modeling, Star schemas and Data Quality Models and flat files.
Conducted validation and verification using SQL query on Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2 and Teradata databases for Procurement, Manufacturing, Financial accounting GL process, NASCO and Facets.
Excellent knowledge in Data Analytics report using SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3, Bex, ETL, Business Objects BI Suite and RDBMS reports like QMF and Analysis for Excel.
Expertise in Implementing the business process from creating a requisition on a OLTP systems record to a OLAP centralized data warehouse. 
Proficient in creating and maintaining source to target data mapping documents. 
Facilitated User Acceptance Testing with business users, development, and the QA teams. 
Tracked Project, Project plan management, and reporting using MS Project, Gantt chart and Playbook. 
Experienced in data analysis reporting, data cleansing strategies, data enrichment and data Integration techniques using integration tools like Informatica to meet data quality standards, SCD-1 and SCD-2 implementation projects.

Expert in deriving conclusion and hypothesis testing using JMP and SAS statistical tools.

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Proficient in driving requirement for implement Key Performance Index and Spend Dashboard for leadership team operational review.
Work Experience
Aug 2017 – PresentAdientLLC
Role: Business Analyst
Employed with Adient LLC as a business analyst for Business relation management team. Conducted meetings with directors, controllers, manager, and stakeholders for Purchasing System initiatives. Developed BRD/SOW and conducted presentation, documented business workflow, processes and UAT documents. Performed analysis to derive requirements for existing systems enhancements. 
Performed Month-end KPI Dashboard refresh for Operational review to track business unit’s operational status like Part per Million, DMR – Scorecard, Strategies, Diversity Spent, PO Terms and Sourcing on Time and Sourcing on Target, Supplier Counts, ERS (Automatic Invoice from Taulia), Economic and Savings.
Created Business Requirement Documents (BRD) and Functional Requirement Documents (FRD)
for Procurement / financial BW reports and KPI dashboard metrics.
Functioned as a liaison for various business users and technical team for implementing critical projects scope changes. Conducted JAD session and brainstorming sessions.
Performed UAT for SAP HANA / BW report conversion to make sure all the requirements have been covered and accurately tested. 
Validated Oracle data using SQL Developer, Pivot chart, SAP PTP data on HANA and BW reports for scope changes.

Coordinated changes with Electronic Interface team for PL/SQL procedure changes for KPI Dashboard initiatives.
Worked with EDW (Enterprise Warehouse) team for DFD, ETL Jobs, workflows and sessions, mapping, SCD1 and SCD2 on IBM Datastage data warehouse changes for Project Road Map system, incorporated standardization, noise reduction, merging and consolidating data for dashboard process for Taulia Early payment savings.
Validated and drove dashboard changes for Graphic visualization of data on Pareto chart.
Designed and developed Pivot chart for slicing and dicing data for ad hoc report.
Communicated project status and timeline, Implementation details and provided training on the KPI dashboard changes.
Performed feasibility and suggested alternative strategies to implement new changes to KPI.
Implemented data correction initiative on to the SAP Master data and other downstream Interfaces for Mass changes like Primary commodities.
Performed Statistical analysis for comparing data, deriving conclusion and hypothesis testing for Vendor payment terms.
Worked on Initiative to Integrate data for Global spend report from QAD, SAP and other plant mergers.
Elicited requirement for Ariba Procurement reports and implemented them.
Worked on Ariba direct sourcing project with global team in Asia and Europe.
Organized requirement and document on SharePoint Procurement portal.

Conducted and organized global meeting across Europe, Asia, South and North America and followed proper communication for stakeholder’s requirements.

Provide post implement support, problem identification, analysis, and resolution.
Implemented Sourcing report for Sourcing board approval for contract approval.

Directed changes for BW report for Ariba and Invoice reconciliation report and coordinated testing effort.

Implemented reason code changes to SAP, ASL reports and BW reports.
Facilitated requirement gathering session and documented changes for Aerospace project.

Conducted team meeting with Pune India off-shore team Architect and developers for development efforts.
Initiated and participated in team building activity.

Explored Quality Center and ALM testing tools with Quality team to be used for UAT.
Environment: Business Object Dashboard, Oracle, EDW, IBM Datastage, SAP R/3, SAP HANA , SAP BW, Ariba Procurement, EXCEL, Skype for Business, Pivot tables, PowerPoint , SharePoint, Outlook, JMP14, Power BI, QC, ALM.

April 2012 – Feb 2016BCBSM
Role: Business Analyst
Accountable for gathering requirements, assumptions, constrains and thresholds to maintain GENO Configuration for BCBSM system to Support Michigan Parplans and other full and semi servicing par plans Anthem, California, Premera for Bluecard, National and Auto Membership claims process on distributed data environment.

Conducted user interviews gathered and analyzed requirements and managed it using Change Manager, Playbook and rational requisite pro.

Conducted GAP analysis by identifying existing technologies. 
Created and documented systems AS-IS workflow and TO-BE business processes. 
Produced and documented training material for end users and provided on going analytical and technical support 
Worked on creating system and process flows diagrams. 
Initiated knowledge transfer process by documenting application specific domain information. 
Managed and traced software requirements changes on Change managers.
Performed SQL queries to manage and validate data. 
Analyzed business requirements and segregated them into use case diagrams, activity diagrams, data process models and sequence diagrams. 
Analyze bugs and defects reported by end users and work with developers to fix it.

Conducted Black box and Smoke testing, Unit testing, Regression testing, Integration testing, Performance testing, Stress testing, Load testing, database testing, automation and manual testing of Mainframes, Web Service and Data Integration Systems.
Validated various operations performed in front end and backend like validating the tables such as field data type, field size, constraints.

Performed GAP analysis and Implemented Data Quality standards for analyzing the data for duplicates, standardizing, cleansing, parsing consolidation and developing exception reports on source system data that reduced claim processing cost.

Configured data quality Scorecard. Prepared data quality health check analysis report and presented them to client / customers using Microsoft applications for benchmarking.

Received 3C Award for Automating manual process using IBM tools to reduce cost and time for large group implementation deliverables.

Developed dynamic collaboration with developers/specialist for developing solutions using comments, tags, projects specification and gaps reducing development time. Developed mapping and technical Specification, rule sets for developer needs to speed up project delivery time.

Environment: Mainframe, IMS, DB2, COBOL, Oracle, Oracle EDW, UNIX, VSAM, XML, Web Service, Informatica 9.6, Rational ClearQuest, Excel and MS-Word, IBM tools, Change and workflow manager, MS-Project, MS-SharePoint, SDLC waterfall, Visio, WebService, XML, (Quality Analyst tools QC and QTP), Business Analyst tools.

Sep 2011- Dec 2011BCBS
Role: Business Analyst –NASCO
Fully responsible for day to day User Acceptance testing of software development and meeting production implementation timeline for BCBS Premera’s RUBI Server to Microsoft SQL Server Report conversion project.
Performed JAD sessions, Interviews over phone Webex and Skype for business, documented context, functional decomposition, Use Case, Sequence, AS-IS and TO-BE process model, User stories, Mind maps using Business Analyst tools on Waterfall SDLC for J2EE application changes.

Created Business Requirement Documents (BRD) and Functional Requirement Documents (FRD). 
Wrote Use Cases and developed various models like Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams for modules like Reports, Notifications etc.

Functioned as a liaison between various business users and the technical team throughout the project lifecycle. 
Involved in maintaining the Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM). 
Participated in test cases reviews to make sure that all the requirements have been covered and accurately tested. 
Conducted UAT Testing and coordinated results with leadership team.
Addressed all aspects of the claim processing lifecycle starting from identifying a claim right up to closure Studied and assessed the client’s systems and business processes. 
Designed and developed test plan using Use Cases, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams.
Played a key role in User Accepted testing and implementation of Scope changes.  
Implemented Traceability Matrix and User Requirement Specification Document (URS) verified the functionality coverage are met. 
Reviewed business requirements and developed detailed test case to ensure testing of the entire application/system testing.
Used SQL for querying multiple tables on DB2, MS SQL Server to achieve the same data integration results comparable to program executed production reports for quality validation.
Executed test cases as per test plan timely, and evaluated problem was resolved.
Developed automatic test scripts and reduced testing time, execution reports on QC and other documents for regression test.

Conducted Black box and Smoke testing, ETL testing, Integration testing, coordinated Performance testing, Stress testing, Load testing, database testing, automation and manual testing with business users, and IT team for project acceptance.

Implement changes in two-week Sprint releases.
Environment: Mainframe, Microsoft SQL server, DB2, COBOL, Oracle 10, Unix, VSAM, XML, Web Service, Informatica 9.6, (Quality testing tools QC, QTP), Excel and MS-Word, MS-Project, MS-SharePoint, Waterfall, Agile, Business Analyst tools.

March 1997- Aug 2008Daimler Chrysler
Role: Business Analyst
Fully accountable for gathering requirements and developing technical specifications and implementing a large scale solution for Global Procurement Migration project at DCX as Business Analyst/Programmers.
Participated in JAD sessions with Managers, Project Manager, leaders, business units and SME to define project scope, to identify business workflows, business drivers and estimation cost.  
Created SOW, FRD, AS-IS, TO-BE, Data flow diagram using VISIO, constructed, tested and Implemented ETL and Data Quality Strategies.

Worked with Architect and team leads to develop high level design and present them to leadership.
Investigated Data and system problems and devised solutions to correct problems.
Analyzed programs and implemented large scale system changes.
Developed program flow charts and utility programs to parse and scrape data.
Developed system test cases and executed them manually for system testing. Executed SQL queries like Select, Joins, Union, Aggregators on RDBMS for data testing and validation.
Performed UAT and implemented COBOL DB2, VSAM and IMS online and batch systems as per SDLC waterfall methodology.
Modeled physical and logical RDBMS databases tables to migrate IMS data. Contributed to Use case and Project estimates development for project plan development.
Received Bravo Award for working on multiple projects and implementing Fast car system on timely manner that saved organization millions of dollars.

Strategized Data cleansing and received applause Award, Standardization, Parsing and Matching of supplier Master, Material Price Master data for completeness, conformity, consistency to reduce processing cost.

Developed data governance strategies for COMPASS system and communicated to different source systems Engineering Bill of Materials to reduce data corruption.

Received Award for data correction. Executed data analysis, duplicate identification, standardization, cleansing, Parsing, consolidation strategies on procurement source system data.

Strategized and conducted Data Governance and monitoring data quality on data marts for maintaining data quality.

Executed and designed SQL Queries for performance tuning to reduce production cost.

Implemented the Re-engineered Net.Data old system to WebSphere Supplier portal and change notice tooling and RFQ supplier portals and reached a level of IT Project Manger.

Implemented Certain key metrics from Material Master Database data (MMDB) and Material Scheduling System to the Global data warehouse for reporting Lead time.

Provided road map to merger SAP R/3 Daimler data and IBM Chrysler data for global purchasing system report using MQ series and performed UAT Procurement to pay cycle.
Environment: SQL, UNIX, Java, JSP, JavaScript, DB2, SAP R3, SAP BI, SAP Netweave, Microsoft projects, Business objects, IBM Mainframes, COBOL, DB2, IMS, CA-7, Easy rive, IBM WebSphere, SDLC-waterfall, Visio, UML, Business Analyst tools.

Research Experience
Oct 2016 – June 2017 Wesleyan University, University of Michigan and Villanova University

Conducted Analysis and provided statistical research solution for Wesleyan University, Integrated data across multiple system for a data lake and developed web interface for data visualization for University of Michigan and developed project management plan in Villanova University as a Research Student.
Analyzed National health Database NES database and defined business drives, project scope for the analysis.
Developed hypothesis, problem identification, analysis, and resolution.
Mapped data to the SQLITE database.

Created and maintained source to target data mapping documents. 
Developed requirement to data parsing from the NES data file to the database for the required fields.
Conducted survey and collected raw data from sample of fifty individuals in India and United States to run sample and population statistical model.
Performed data management and visualization of data on Dashboard for correlating data fields to support decision.
Developed timeline and implemented solution timely.
Conducted meeting using Skype for Business, Webex and Phone with data science officers and Director, Associate for timeline agreement and discussion, business rules, data profiling.
Prepared questioner and sent out Survey to receive user’s feedback for Mobile implementation of the dashboard and further improvement to it.
Performed Initiatives to implement mobile Application of the dashboard.
Explored Informatica PC and IDQ, Python, Bigdata Hadoop HDFC for the complex BPI projects.

Validated Oracle database SQL server, SQL function, PL/SQL functions and procedures for reports.

Designed DFD and validated ETL Jobs, workflows and sessions, mapping on Power Center for SCD1 and SCD2 data warehouse project implementation, incorporated Infomatica IDQ for standardization, noise reduction, merging and consolidating data using IDQ strategies.
Drafted and finalized DFD process for Web Service for external users queries.

Developed requirement for design and development of API for SOA using JSON, XML, Python, Java, SQLITE3 for a Prototype design and incorporated the functional system for achieving certification.

Completed Project Management plan for project
Environment: SAS, Unix, Java, Big data, Excel, JMP, Business Objects, Crystal reports, Python, MS Office, SharePoint, WebSphere, Java, JSP, JavaScript, Unix, (Quality Analyst tools QC, QTP), Edureka, JCL, EXTRA! Macros, IMS and DB2 database, Informatica IDQ, Informatica PC, Oracle EDW, Python, Unix, Linix, Business Analyst tools. Firepath, Firebug, Inspect, Selenium Webdriver/IDE.

Aug 2008 – Aug 2010Central Michigan University
Role: SAP Business Associate

Performed Feasibility study, Designed and configured SAP R/3 for Nike System Business process re-engineering project for Information management program at CMU to improve the sales to order cycle process on a Student Research Assistant basis.
Performed feasibility study for the business process re-engineering and developed cost analysis for SAP R/3 implementation.
Documented project scope, business flows, “AS-IS” and “TO-BE” process.

Developed ER Diagram and Physical database models.
Designed user interface, reports, and database for data visualization and reporting needs.
Created database conceptual design, data access and manipulation, data administration, data security and accounting controls.
Designed performance tuning to balance user loads.
Designed e-commerce strategies and application using Java, Servlets, XML, web-services, and JSP on IBM WebSphere application server for J2EE project using UML OOP methodologies for R/3 interface.
Created ETL DFD to parse data from source system to target system.
Tested Interfaces for Integration testing, System testing and low-level testing and reported results.
Supported implementation of SAP R/3 System and Web Dynpro interfaces.

Environment: WebSphere 7.0, Oracle 10i, SQL server, SQL Developer, Java, JSP and Servlet, PL/SQL, Unix, Telnet, FTP.
• Business Analysis • JAD Sessions • Use Cases and User Stories • UAT ; Test Planning
• Data Modeling
• Data Mapping ; Analysis • Business System Analyst 
• Project Management • Requirement and Gap Analysis 
• MS-Project 
• Client/Vendor Relations • Data Flow ; Process Mapping • Technical Writing (Manuals/System Specs) • Agile (Scrum) ; Waterfall • Data Analysis
Project Methodologies SDLC, Agile, Rational Unified Process (RUP), UML.

Project Management MS-Project, MS-SharePoint, Web-Ex.
Business Analyst tools JMP 14, Rational Requisite Pro, Rational ClearQuest, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Excel – Visio, SharPoint, Microsoft Business Intelligence (SAP Crystal) , Rational Doors, Sarbens Oxley –Change Management and BRD generator, Star UML.

Testing Tools QTP, LoadRunner, Rational Clearquest, Manual QC, Reflection and EXTRA! Macros, Test NG, Firefox, Firepath, Firebug, Inspect, Selenium Webdriver/IDE.
Quality Assurance Software Application Testing Life Cycle.

Operating System Windows 7/XP/2000, Unix , Mainframe , Hadoop-HDFS ,Linux
Web Technologies HTML, XML, JSON, SOAP 1.1,1.2, REST- Web Service, WebSphere.

Databases MS Access , Oracle, SQL server, DB2, Teradata, BTEQ, Teradata Visualizer(.6), SQL developer , SQLite .

Data Warehouse Tool Informatics Power Center, SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3, Informatica – IDQ.

Business Application Microsoft Office Suite, MS VISIO , Share Point, SAP R/3, SAP Crystal, Dashboards and BO, Cloudera tools.

Language COBOL, Python, Java, VB, PLI, VBScript, PL/SQL.

Tools CA-7 , PVCS , FileAid, SPUFI, TSO/SPF, Endeavor, Xpeditor, VI-editor, Spider, Test Wrangler, FTP, Telnet , Mapreduce, Pig, Hive. Education/Background

Project management Villanova University Feb-June 2017.
SAP Business Associate and TERP 10 Certified – Central Michigan University:
MBA Major – Information Technology / Finance Focus 2012 Aug.

Master in Engineering, India – 1995.
Statistical Research – Texas A;M University-(2017).

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