Crimes scenes with firearms involvement are rising at an alarming rate

Crimes scenes with firearms involvement are rising at an alarming rate. A breathtaking number of homicides is exposed in this article titled “Gun violence” from the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Crime Victimization Survey shows the crime statistic ” rose from about 60 percent to about 74 percent from 1980 to 2005″. According to this statistic, many of the people acknowledge safety is the number one basis living in the society today and so is gun control has became a social issue that should be enhance for the better. The data collected is briefly outlined the government policy towards the gun control is good, and it is the most effective way to control the crimes.
Firearms, especially guns are broadly use worldwide and gun control indeed a very compelling way to keep the country safe. There are three reasons that gun control is very beneficial to our society. First of all, the Gun Control Act of 1968 was established after the president John F. Kennedy’s incident, the president was assassinated while on motorcade, greeting the people of Dallas, Texas. A gunfire was shot from a local plaza, aimed right in the head and neck of the president, causing him to immediately fell into a coma and pronounced dead thirty minutes later. Subsequently, the incident collapsed people ideas about gun safety across the United States in which it triggered the government to throw out an act to maintain national safety. The Gun Control Act of 1968 is a federal law that tightened the gun regulations, especially in the interstate commerce. The act requires a buyer must meet certain condition to purchase a gun, for example the act raised the requirement age to 21, people who had been under control of any type of substance such as marijuana is firmly prohibited, and more importantly people who had prior sentences or crimes is also prohibited. Secondly, gun control is good when government imposed stricter background check on everyone who has a desire in obtaining one. For instance, Japan is a country that allow gun uses, however their gun crimes amazingly almost eradicated. This happen because Japan’s government assert their laws more stricter than the United States, crimes with gun involvement aren’t “soaring out of control” in this country. As reported by Harry Low, a BBC writer in the newspaper titled ” How Japan has almost eradicated gun crimes” he concludes a person must ” attend an all-day class, take a written exam and pass an shooting- range test with a mark of at least 95 percent” in order to have a license to purchase a gun to defend themselves. The above statement highlights how Japan government has set out chain of laws about gun control to defend people from gun violence, perspectively from Japanese officer, they often use martial art rather than using gun when it comes to deal with the crimes. As a result of super strict background check and “their response to violence is never violence”, Japan has proved the effectiveness in gun control, data from BBC World Service shows that Japan is country that has very minimal gun violence compare to other countries. Thirdly, the limit of weapon access can reduce the number of homicides and suicides. One of the reason people gain weapon access is from military, soldiers gained the access to carry their weapons, some used that as a tool for their suicide over the weekends. According to a new research from Harvard School of Public Health, the ratio of suicidal rate to homicide rate in the United States is 2 to 1. A disturbing fact speaks out the tragedy of the widespread of owning guns in the American households is prevalent to a higher rate number gun violence. Another essential point relating to firearm access at home is the careless storage of personal guns. As we all know, adolescence is a period of time that suggests a parent guidance throughout the time, their mental health at this age must be stabilize by the right path, otherwise they can easily fall to the moment of despair anytime and seek for death. The teen suicide in firearm-related deaths has significantly increased in 2016, this may be the caused from parent lacks of knowledge about gun safety as well as their child behavior during puberty. Foundation to this is gun control does work when we reduce weapon access at home and spend time with family member, understand their psychological needs.
Based on the findings of gun control makes the world a safer place, one argued that gun control is ineffective due to gun robbery, Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, Orlando nightclub shooting,..ect. These typical incidents striked many Americans to think gun control is bad because they believed criminals don’t follow laws, guns were meant to kill, and importantly the stricter the policy, the more wills they break it. In response to previous data, enlarging the idea of incident, criminals who acted to kill tend to have psychology disorder, in which means they are not considered as a perpetrator. These vulnerable adults were unable to have their thinkings straight, it might be caused from their childhood experiences, their natural introvert or just basically from major depressions. Furthermore, gun is an incapable object to harm a person itself, gun doesn’t kill a person, but a person with intention to kill does. Hence, psychological factor contributes to gun violence. In addition to explain gun control is good and necessary in our society, government enacted longer sentences for gun-related crime cases. Data in the article ” Gun control really works – here’s the science to prove it” by Kevin Loria shows that ” gun robbery rates dropped by about 5 percent in the years after the sentencing laws were enacted.” In the same article, Kevin Loria points out states that spend more money into education rather than firearms and have stricter background check reduce public shooting.
In conclusion, gun control eliminate gun violence, it defends the good people from the bad people and keeping the country safe. Gun control was established to improve criminal rate, it does not meant to harm people, perhaps it is the person’s mental illness that destruct the great idea of gun control. Gun control is the only way that stops criminals.

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