Confucius is called the Moral Precepts of Buddhism.

Confucius and Buddha have many similarities about themselves. They were also both very good people because they made people think on the bright side and both made people smarter. Confucius was Chinese and Buddha was Indian. Confucius and Buddha were known both for making their countries advance in learning and peace. Another similarity is that both didn’t very like the government at the time so they improved it.
According to my notes it says For one to understand the similarities and differences between Buddhism and the teachings of Confucius one needs to understand the basics of the pathways themselves. The Buddhist faith follows particular teachings referred to as dharma that is called the Moral Precepts of Buddhism. This is part of the Noble Eightfold Path which outlines the pathway that Buddhists are to follow if they want to lead the most spiritual and moral and ethical life possible.
In an article it stated that Confucius founded Confucianism during the era of Warring States in China. He looked to bring order out from the chaos China experienced during that time. To do that he implemented a very strong hierarchical division in society, where the authority should give respect and care to the inferior in social standing. In turn, people should always respect and obey their superiors. This way, the ones on top would not have to deal with subversive action. This hierarchical system stems from the belief that humanity is evil and chaotic, therefore there must be someone always taking care of people. This structure of society was mainly developed to have stability in society as a whole. This could mean that the focus on the individual is lost, thus the community is more important than the individual. Respect to tradition also reinforced the order in society. By respecting the old, standards are not changed, and people in power can be maintained there. Confucianism, then, seems more of a philosophical, ethical ideology, more so than a spiritual, religious ideology. Nonetheless, it was very influential.
Though they were both focused mainly on the main thing there were also some differences, for example the main one is that Confucius was Chinese and Buddha was Indian. Another is that Buddha was a prince and Confucius was not. Confucius had students pay him for lessons.
In conclusion Buddha and Confucius have many similarities and some differences which include Buddha having and 8-fold path and Confucius having students pay him and Buddha was a prince. These were all the similarities and diffrences between Budd

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