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Charles Dickens wrote 2 different endings to the book, Great Expectations. He wrote a second one since people didn’t like his first ending. So, Charles Dickens revoked it and wrote a second one. In this essay the issue of which ending is more proper for the rest of the book and which ending is better will be discussed.

In the original ending Pip sees Estella again while he is walking along with little Pip, when a servant comes running up asking Pip to come to a carriage and that a woman wants to see Pip. When Pip approaches the carriage he saw a sad woman who he hardly recognized as Estella. This ending doesn’t seem to fit the book. Pip and Estella deserve a second chance in life since both of them went through such hardships.

In the second ending Pip goes back to Mrs. Havisham’s long abandoned house and sees Estella again. Pip and Estella walk around the estate and through the garden. At the end they walk out of the gate at the same time together. The feeling that is given is that Pip and Estella will continue to get together and possibly get married. After all the hardships each one of them have gone through, they’re finally getting a second chance at life.

In the original ending Pip saw Estella again and went away; in the second ending Pip meets Estella and they stay together. It’s fitting after all that Pip has gone through in life, loving Magwich, going in debt, getting led on by Mrs. Havisham during the benefactor incident and losing his chance with Biddy. Pip deserves some sort of reward for all the problems that he’s endured.

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