Chapter 1 Introduction The thesis explores the study of Emancipation of Lia in “Wintergirls”

Chapter 1
Introduction The thesis explores the study of Emancipation of Lia in “Wintergirls” (2009) by Laurie Halse Anderson. The aim of this study is to explore the effect of psychological consciousness on Lia. It reveals the psychodynamic theory of Neuroses by Aurstian psychologist Sigmund Freud. He is known for psychoanalysis. He was awarded by Goethe prize foreign member of royal society. The aim of Freud therapy or psychoanalysis, was to bring subjugate thoughts and feelings into consciousness in order to free the patient from suffering repetitive disorder emotions. Psychodynamic theory of neuroses deals with fear and anxiety, in which one can talk about fear for a long time even without touching upon uneasiness. Freud’s psychoanalysis relate this real fear in contrast to neurotic fear. Real fear is rational and comprehensible it could be the reaction of perception of external harm. It may be regarded as expression of emotion and self-preservation. Feelings, emotions, thoughts are largely shown in outer word through fear.
Anxiety is directly regarded to the connection of an objective , while fear regarded directly toward an object. Fear and anxiety described in psychology with certain objects and situations. Power and preservation anorexia nervosa is often deep-rooted, with one of the highest death rates for psychological condition. In literature anorexia can b known as pathological condition or may b known as rational form of behaviour. “Wintergirls” depicts the elements of fear , anorexia in Lia’s life and causes the effect of Lia’s wanted of liberation from friend, life, family and her body.
Freud was born in 1835, was An Austrain neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis. In creating psychoanalysis, Freud develops the theory that use of free association and communication. The purpose of selecting this aspect of psychoanalysis is to examine the sufferings of teenagers. It explores that girls in novel are in psychological condition, and both are the causes of their own destruction as one is died and other is suffering from loss, alienation and fear. Lia’s life in novel is not normal it was full of her fight with her body and mind. She wanted to be the thinnest girl in school , in this wish she loss her own self . She cuts her body and strave herself till death. It shows that how a girl could be crazy about her body.She was admitted in hospital ,any time by her violent actions with herself.This book is great that can lead to great conversation with adults about things that matter.This book written for those people who are struggling with anorexia and psychological effect of mind and behaviour.
Laurie Halse Anderson ais an American writer and she is known as children’s and adult novel. She received the Margaret A. Edwards award from the American library association in 2010 for her contribute to young adult literature (YALSA). Here many works of Anderson , Speak(1999) This novel was become finalist of the national bookthis novel written in 16 language. Catalyst(1793), Prom(2005), Twisted(2008) and Wintergirls(2009) are her best novel of New York time bestseller, The action take place in novel show literal appearances by some of its characters. These are notable works of Laurie hales Anderson. Each of novel published in different countries .Her most recent novel The Impossible Knife of Memory ,punlished in 2014.

“Wintergirl” is an popular novel of Anderson. This novel received five-star reviews and nominations for state awards. It was about young adult novels. This book was amazing for teenagers.”It took me years to get this tiny. I wasn’t sick. I was strong. ” ( Anderson 216). ” Brilliant, intoxicating full of drama ,love and like of this kind the best books of this kind of hope.” The fiction book by Laurie Halse Anderson published by Speak. Wintergirls written for kids of 1 age or up.In this novel it give the readability of readers to understand the internal thoughts of characters. Many critics shares their experiences and views about this novel. This chilling take acutely conveys Lia’s powerful psychological battle. Anderson presents a tale every bit as haunting and immediate as her debut novel(Speak). Readers will be absorbed by this gripping tale.This novel described the dark but utterly realistic world.

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“Wintergirl” is first person and limited third person point of view of Lia Overbrook. The narration of novel is completely strong that can takes the reader to many twist and turns of Lia’s fragile state of emotion. In novel she was caught by Cassie’s death and her own eating disorders.Style of novel reveals the Lia’s thoughts, fear , insecurities and hpe.This novel is told in present tense narration . Lia’s all emotional and physical action has a strong sense of seriousness. Laurie Halse Anderson’s style and experimentation realize that Lia is heard and understood by readers. She actually wants to escape from her self.Each unique detail included in Wintergirls is done with a very proper way and in order to achieve specific gaol.Lia feels vold in novel at many times where Cassie is mentioned ” We are here to share our feelings and discuss a memorial to Cassie’s memory… The room is freezing” (Anderson 77).

The novel highlighted the conflict between man vs man , man vs himself, man vs supernatural. The setting of novel is the time during October to December Lia feels Cold because she was physically thin.The novel deals with the battle of Lia’s struggle with herself. Lia ignores the calls of Cassie the day before her death and live in the guilt throughout the novel. It is a tragedy of Lia’s life .After Cassie death Lia was hunted by Cassie ghost .After much of sufferings she bear she felt at one point that she wanst to b live and want to b happy in life for her own sake.In novel there is a time time when Lia was real girl and she was living in present but after time passing she felr her friend died because of her ignorance and she starts to fight with her self by harming her body.

The main objectives of this research work are to find out the effects of psychoanalytical study of neuroses in “Wintergirls”
Research Objectives
Accoeding to the formulate of research statement regarding psychological neuroses, the objectives of research are as follows
1. To find out the heartbreakingly real story of Lia in the grip of deadly illness and her internal battle to fight her disease.
2. To explore the important elements of Lia and Cassie friendship and also elements of psychological tiring story of Lia
.3. To study the ultimate changes for Lia by the end of the story that she survive when Cassie didn’t.

Research Questions
Research questions are as follows with the respect to current study of neuroses and unconsciousness in “Wintergirls”
1. What role does Lia’s knitting play in the novel? What does it come to Symbolize?
2. Does Cassie’s death trigger Lia’s restrictive eating patterns reemerge ? Why or Why not ?
3. Why is Lia using her thinnest to communicate to her parents ? What is her body saying that her voice cannot ?
1.3 Research Significance
The significance of this research is to highlight the pain of a girl at the time of her own battle with effect of psychological behaviour vivid expedition inside the mind of a girl who is dying to be thin. Anderson offers a gripping perspective of Lia’s inner turmoil and her isolation.”With naked emotion, brutal honesty and a narrative that is simultaneously captivating and claustrophobic, “Wintergirls” gives the significance to readers a haunting window into the disordered thinking behind disorders. The significance of novel depicts the story of Lia , ” Lia’s struggle will touch your heart and make you think about this book long after you set it down”( Justine magazine). This signification gives the new perspective of teens thoughts and emotions about their sufferings ,guilt, fear and alienation. Anderson gives us the image of fractured family and the recovering of Lia with family at the end of novel.

Chapter 2
Literature Reviews
In literature there are many writers and analyst throughout the world who are particularly influenced with Anderson’s works and have given scholarly reviews about his works, and who have captured the psychological effect of relationship on the psyche of individual. Similarly it also focuses on other works of psychoanalytical writers who highlighted the effects of psychological conscious and unconscious in their writings and share his/her personal experiences of psychology through their works.

Sigmund Freud had terminate his analysis of the brain and his psychological studies and shifted his work to the study of mind and the related psychological attributes making up the mind and on treatment using free association and the phenomena of communication.his study emphasis the elements of childhood events that could the control the mental functioning of adults.The unconscious is the portion of mind in which a person is lost.Unconscious explores the true feelings emotions thoughts of the individual. When analyzing the literary text, the psychoanalytical theory could be utilized to analyze the concealed meaning with in a text,ot to better understand the writer’s intention. Through the analyzing , the action of characters and meanings of writing in the text can b clarified through Freud theory of psychoanalysis .

The connection between psychoanalysis and literature has always challenging. Freud, himself emphasizes in the opening paragraphs to his essay “The Uncanny” (2005)that ” only a psycho-analyst impelled to investigate the subject of aesthetics” (Freud 12)however writers, critics and even freud himself have made wide-ranging use of the enlightening likeness between the two disciplines. Not only are there a whole host of studies devoted to the use of psychoanalysis in literary criticism. “we are perfectly aware that very many imaginative writings are far removed from the mode; of day dreaming and yet I cannot suppress the suspicious that even the most extreme deviations from that model could be linked with it through an uninterrupted series of transitional cases “(Frued 150”.
Edward Carl described the Intensity of emotion and vivid language of Anderson’s “Wintergirls” (2009) in “Radical reader 2” by Joni bodart . Lia and Cassie had best friends since elementary school, and both ( Lia and Cassie ) developed her own style of eating disorder that leads them to disaster. In the age of 18 , they are no longer friends. Regardless their alienation , Cassie calls Lia 33 times at the time of her death and Lia didn’t answer. As event play out, Lia’s guilt , her need to be thin, and her fight for acceptance in an almost poetic stream of consciousness in this startlingly crisp and pitch-perfect first person narrative. The text is rich with words still distinct but crossed out , the sensible use of italics, and tiny font-size refrains reflecting her distorted logic. All of the usual answers of specialized treatment centers, therapy and observe of weight and food fail to prevail while Lia’s cleverness holds sway. What happens to her in the end is much less the point that traveling with her on her agonizing journey of unaccountable pain and her attempt to make some sense of her life.

Anna Freud observes the adolescence in their behaviour. “Wintergirls”, Laurie Halse Anderson’s new novel, takes us into this dark , tyrannical world through the experience of Lia , 18-year-old narrator,who has struggled with anorexia since the eight grade . Lia is hunted by a hallucination of her dead friend, Cassie, who taunts: “You’re not dead , but you’re not alive either. You’re a Wintergirl, Lia-Lia , caught in between the words . You’re a ghost with beating heart .Soon you will cross the border and be with me . I’m so stoked. This very quality , however, may makes Lia recognizable to many teenagers . One issue the author must have confronted is the potential of “Wintergirls” to be a “trigger” for anorexia , as psychologist term it . The theory that is used in this work is psychodynamic theory of human personality. Freud analysis on neurotic disorder is in normal life but it is against the scientific laws.Once it remark you won’t want to get off from the reality.

Daniel Kraus analyzes that problem novel folder becomes a devastating portrait of the extreme of self-deceiving in his cruel and poetic deconstruction of how one girl stealthily vanishes in the depth of anorexia .Lia has been down this road before : her aggressive relationship with her best friend , Cassie , once landed them both in the hospital, but now not even Cassie’s death can suppress Lia’s disgust of the “fat cows” who examine carefully her body all day long. Her father ( no, “professor Overbrook” ) and her mother ( no, ” Dr. Marrigan” ) are dismay easy tu dupe –tinkering and sabotage blown up her scale readings as her weight secretly plunges 101.30, 97.00, 89.00 . Anderson illuminates the dark but utterly realistic world where every piece of food is just a caloric number, inner voices screams “NO!” with each sallow, and self-worth is too easily measure: ” I am the space between my things , daylight shinning through .” struck through sentences , continual repetition and even blank pages make Lia’s disturbance physical , and gruesome details of her decomposition will test sensitive readers . But this is necessary reading for anyone caught in feedback loop of weight lose as well as any parent unfamiliar with the scripts teens recite so easily to escape from such deadly situation. “Anderson illuminations a dark but utterly realistic world. This is necessary reading”
Kirkus highlighted the significance of loss in “Wintergirls” , neither therapy nor threats her best friend Cassie’s death can turn Lia away from her habits of cutting and self-starvation . In broken , symbolic and gut-wrenching prose , Lia narrates her hopeless story of self-perpetrated violence and destructive behaviour that controls her every negative and and thoughts. She lives the both the sensation and the burst of not eating, and any progress she have made toward normal eating is erased when her former best friend Cassie died alone in the hotel room just because of Lia. The trauma of Cassie’s death coupled with Lia’s uneasy relationship with her parents and stepmother makes her tighten her focus on not eating as she slides into a world of starvation-induced hallucinations. Uncontrollable of Self-allegation (“Stupid/ugly/Stupid/bitch/Stupid/fat”) and compulsive calorie counts punctuate her claustrophobic account, which she edits chillingly to control her world. Anderson perfectly captures the isolation and motivations of the anorexic without ever suggesting that depression and eating disorders are simply things to “get over” . Due to author and subject popularity , this should be a much discussed book , which rises far above the standard problem.
“Wintergirls”, Anderson’s latest novel, depicts the cracks open the riddle . Her 1999 but ‘Speak’ gave voice to teen rape victim., and become a backbone in young become literature .Her consecutive work has been well regarded . Untill now,”Wintergirls” falls readers inside the head of 18–year-old Lia , an anorexic who has two stays at a treatment facility . Her wasting has led to hallucinations and blackouts and decreased her height so that she now stands ” a little shorter than freshman year”. She is unable to control anything which is disturbing her , Lia bears down one the one thing she can command – her body . Anderson captures the mind set of anorexia with disturbing brains. Anderson biggest achievement ,however , is Lia .We see a girl with disorder , but we also see a perceptive teen , caring stepsister and guilty daughter . Lia can be devastatingly self-critical, constantly editing herself , reminding us that every moment for her is struggle . Yet even in illness , Lia is a fully embodied adolescent on Anderson remarkable .
George Eliot is a also an English novelist. She was a first novelist who described the psyche of the children in her novel this thing made her a modern novelist in the wolrd. She shows the weak rational bond of the family in her novel ” The Mill on the Floss”(1860). In this novel the psychological effect ( Neuroses) of the children are shown through two characters Maggie and Tomb. Maggie loves with her family but her the Maggie , as in Wintergirls ,Lia is hurt because of her parents her mental disturbance, If parents shows their concern due to it may the kids have a low confidence or mentally disturb. Maggie loves with her brother but her brother don’t loves with her due to it she locked herself in a room. This shows the psyche of the children . Virginia also shows the relationship children with children. Even she shows the relationship of sister and brother is not good . This thing is not only disturbed the children it also mentally effects the parents.

The effect of relationship on individual is traced in Ernest Hemingway novel ” A Farewell to arm” (1929). Hemingway is an American writer. He shows the psychological effect ( Neuroses) of relationship through two major characters Henry and Catherine as in Wintergirls Lia and Cassie are psychologically affected. In this novel their relations are not strong because they are psychologically affected due to the War. They want to escape from the war due to it they made a relation with each other .Their relation is not strong . Hennery made a sexual relation with catherine . Its means he used the women for sexual pleasure.
An English writer D.H Lawrence in his novel “Sons and Lovers” described the poor relationship of family. Like an “Wintergirls” in this novel the relationship of two best friends and Lia’s linked with family are not good. In these both novels relationship between characters is weak , and they are trying to escape from the reality . In ” Sons and Lovers” paul hates his father because his father hates his mother and sometimes he also beats her. In “Wintergirls” Lia hates her father and her father hates her mother .Lia’s parents divorce was the effect of Lia’s mental psychological behahaviour.

The experiences and problems of people due to psychological effects on their life shown above. Many people wants to escape from reality and become the victim of their own slef-destruction as they show their mental and physical behaviour. Psychoanalysis is based on concept that they are unfamiliar with the causes of their emotions and behaviour. It shows psychoanalysis is needed the “great” idea of human personality .Psychoanalysis is great because it provides the inner conflicts of human minds.In “Wintrgirls” Laurie depicts the psychology of Lia and Cassie through their mental and physical bahviour. Literature reviews of different writers are best example of psychoanalytical effect on people.

Chapter 3
Material and Method
3.1 Research Methodology
This study has been carried out on a Descriptive Design . It deals with the textual elaboration of novel Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. Some aspects of psychoanalysis have been considered to analyze this text, the psychodynamic study of Neuroses an important aspect of psychoanalysis. This study is qualitative in nature. This study has been carried out through a note reading of selected novel. There are two types of data collection sources, primary and secondary sources The secondary sources are taken from some critical works, previous study and some books that concern with the novel and the psychodynamic study of Neuroses. Related reviews and commentaries appearing on internet have been taken into consideration. Various other research attempts , just lika a research paper, Journals, scholarly article and digital. Resources such as PDF files have been consulted. In this study the method of collecting data is library. Library research work through many books and articles that support the topic and technique of taking notes. It is analyzed by using psychodynamic study of Neuroses, the cause, the state and the impact of physical and mental disturbance in person’s life.

3.2 Theoretical Framework
The theoretical framework that has been selected for the present research is based on Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis to explore the aspect of general theory of Neuroses that leads towards the internal and external state of character’s mind and body. This framework focus on the Fried’s revolutionary theory of psychoanalysis, this theory reveals the great idea of human personality of their behavior mental and physical state.The fundamental principles of psychoanalysis are developed. Many criticism and strengths of various aspects examines the Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis. It is comprehensive with respect to its weakness and strength that innovative the test of time. Many authors intends these theory as great idea of personality. As a therapy, psychoanalysis is a term that adults are unaware the factors of their thoughts, emotions and behavior. Sometimes these conscious and unconscious factors leads a person to unhappiness which expressed through various symptoms, including disturbing personality of human in self esteem and general disposition.

Psychoanalytical treatment uses to analyze the unconscious factors effect behavior patterns, relationship and metal situation. Psychoanalysis is a term of stage of growth and development. It is a general theory of human behavior and personality. It is used to explain the relationship between body and mind,also described the role of illness in mental and physical health. Many critics praise regarding over psychoanalysis. Freud known as the founder of psychoanalysis. All psychologist known that this idea is based on psychological treatment. Sigmund Freud was the first psychologist who introduced the idea of emotions with respect to conscious and unconscious state of mind . He works on the internal state of mind. Freud’s idea relates the mental thoughts and emotional state of personality. Psychoanalysis began in 1925, it was established around the world in flourishing movement. Today most of psychologists believed that psychoanalysis is more effective way of interpret the idea of human mind .

Freud explain psychoanalysis with these three forces the id, the ego, andthe super ego. The id has a quality of being unconscious that everything has at birth is present(Freud 14). The ego has a quality of being conscious and it is responsible for controlling the demands of the id ,that between id and external world(Freud 15). The ego is the adaptation of flight, while the super ego is a demand by id that and it is responsible for the satisfaction and clarification of others such as parents, teachers, role models , racial and social cultural tradition(Freud 15). The two basic tendency are Eros ( love ) and the death. The purpose of Eros is to built and save unity through relationship and the death is used to demolish the unity as in form of destruction. These tendency are opposite or combine to each other through attraction.

Freud introduces the sexual relationship and development with the passage of time as there are four sexual phases of development are Oral phase, Anal phase,the phallic phase and the genital phase and each phase is characterized by specific development. In oral phase the individual places emphasis the satisfaction for the needs of mouth, which emerges as the first erotogenic zone (Freud 24). During the Anal phase , satisfaction comes out through aggression. During the Phallic state the adults enters the Oedipus state where a boy/girl feels fear from his father and fantasizing sexually relations with his/her mother, from phallic stage the period of sexuality begins in human body as in form of emotions. Finally the genital state is completely leads towards sexuality and urges to complete this pleasure . it also known as homosexuality.

The basic objective of psychoanalysis is to remove neuroses because to cure the patients by giving them normal state. As analysis there is positive and negative responses of emotions. Psychoanalysis based on several steps like free association, Interpretation, transference and patient slips and parapraxes (Freud 56). Evaluating the criticism on psychoanalysis. Criticism on Freud evidence, technique ,principles of psychoanalysis, strength of psychoanalysis. The entire psychoanalytical theory is fundamental, it is used to critically observe the mind of human personality. Free association is a method to interpret the mental state of mind .in which he explains the theory of dreams. Eysenck (1986) remark to maintain :
” I have always taken it for granted that the obvious failure of Freudian therapy to significantly improve on spontaneous remission or treatment is clearer proof we inadequacy of Freudian theory,closed followed by success of alternative method of treatment , such as behavior therapy”.

Beystehner’s article.”Psychoanalysis: Freud revolutionary approach to human personality” in his article , hi various reviews of psychoanalysis and criticism on psychoanalysis, he says the collection of data of Freud is lack of data.Free association , according To Grunbaum (1986) , is ” not a valid method of accessing the patients, repressed actual memories because there is no way of ensuring that analyst is capable of distinguishing between the patients actual memories and imagine memories leading questions” ( 226). He wants to described that error occurring in sexual relations. Psychoanalysis is a theory that shouldn’t b deny. Plaut assets that many modern analyst marrying by Freudian way.

Nathan Jones argued that it is good attempt to analyze Freudian theory because it is great idea of presenting thoughts. Despite many critics views on psychology the author believes that Freud idea is not overlooked. She was inspired by theory of Freud which gives many other ideas of personality.

Chapter 4
Discussion and Analysis
4.1 Fear and anxiety
Concept of Fear and Anxiety
Fear itself needs no introduction; everyone has at some time or other known this sensation or, more precisely , this effect. Perhaps it was thought matter of source ; it is usual to confuse the words ” nervous” and ” anxious” as thought they meant the same thing. Fear just described in psychologically more circumscribed and bound up certain objects and situations. Neurotic fear to be described as general condition of anxiety , a condition of free floating fear as it were , anxiety is used in connection with a condition regardless of any objective , while fear is essentially directed toward an object.

4.1.1 Fear – the great source of sufferings
Lia feels fear throughout the novel “Wintergirls”. Her major problem to getting hurt and letting someone to get close enough to her which really breaks her heart. One of main cause of fright is winter, that affected both Lia and Cassie in novel. Winter is also symbolizes the preserve state of frozenness of Lia and Cassie ” You’re not dead, but you’re not alive, You’re a Wintergirl” (Anderson 195) . Both girls stillhad a heartbeat, a pulse but they were dead for the family and the world around them they were frozen in the state of mind that they should trying to keep awayeveryone out and let themselves slowly die on the inside . They are still breathing but aren’t happy with themselves and their lives , they are wintergirls. The significant reaction shows that how winter is used in describing how they cut themselves and extremely hard they trained , killing her legs until sunshine . Cold is the main cause that how they harmed themselves , also as daring because pain was daring , and pain was being pretty. Lia and Cassie were best friends but their friendship were not lively one. Cassie try to stop being bulimic and tried to get better herself. But Lia never try let her to do that . “We turned us into Wintergirls , and when she tried to leave , I pulled her back into the snow because i was afraid to be alone”(Anderson 99). Lia cared about Cassie’s happiness and health more than her happiness .They were both selfish friends. Lia and her best friend were also unhealthily competitive over everything . Lia promises to Cassie to be the skinniest girl in the school, Cassie’s replying by saying ” I bet I’ll be skinniest girl in the school than you”. It simply shows that there is more to friendship than label .”Why are you being so mean ?” , friends tells friends the truth ,” Yeah , but no to hurt , to help”.( Anderson 101).
Death is used as motif which makes the cause of frightfor Lia in novel ” Wintergirls”. It is the shadow that mistreat Lia , but it also an easy way for her to get out of the situation she is dealing with . At the beginning of the story when Cassie dies. ” It’s not okay when girls dies” this makes Lia closer to the concept of deathas a emancipation, as something to get close to her friend . Fear is bound up withsituations that after Cassi’s death , Lia is hunted by Cassie’s ghost . The ghost simply appears in front of Lia , letting her know that Cassie’s spirit is still alive and around her that she has incomplete work with Lia. Lia known that Cassie is disturbing her just because of Lia refused to pick up 33 calls from Cassie. As Lia walk in the house , the whispers start up again…
” …she( Cassie) called. Thirty-three times. You didn’t answer. Body found in the motel room alone. You left her alone. Should should should have done anything everything. you killed her. I ( Lia) try to squeeze them out by focusing loudly . I am walking up the stairs . I am walking in my room. I am — you left her alone.
—Shut up, I am throwing my purse on the bed . I need my robe , I thing I hung it up—I open my chest. You left her alone.” (Anderson 97).

The that whisper of pain and suffering, she expose on herself are intended tokeep herself safe. Cassie haunts Lia throughout the book, everywhere Lia goes ,Cassie is there.

Lia driven to self-loathing to friend’s suicide , and her behaviour out of control .Cassie’s haunting become more recurrent , her urging for Lia to “hury up” sounds more lika a demand. Lia doesn’t understand why Cassie won’t leave her friend alone and Cassie’s statement about her firend being fat, ugly ,mean and so heartless. Lia apologies to her friend Cassie as she didn’t answer to her 33 phone calls, and Lia ignores RETRIVE VOICE MAIL ” Lia? It’s me . call me”. Cassie , second message : ” Where are you ? Call me back. ” Cassie , third message . ” I am not playing, Overbrook, I really need to talk to you.” (Anderson 12). Lia ignored the messages of Cassie and it makes the cause of Lia suffering to fear from Cassie ghost . ” I inscribed here lines , hush hush hush, into my skin . Ghost trickle out .” (Anderson 69). This is important for the self-perpetuate theme found in the book ,it describes to audience that how Lia has learned to mislead herself , to ” let the pain out ” in a quite literal way.

Lia feels more anxiety after death of her best friend and she feels suffers, In novel “Wintergirls” Lia suffering from feeling alone and alienated from people. Lia always thinks that people around her didn’t treated her normal,even her family also, The boys says “Dead girl walking” in the halls at school, tell us your secret”, Girls whisper to another. ” I am that girl. I am the space between my thighs”(Anderson 19), like people were staring her and judging Lia like Lia had three heads or something, all sufferings of Lia’s harm herself is that she felt alone and alienated from family andeveryone in the world. Only Cassie her best friend and other wintergirls whom she felt normal from that websites where they all talk and encourage each other disorders.”As I play her messages over and over, I turn on my computer and visit a country I heavn’t been to in months , a whisper secret blog for girls like me(Anderson 111). “Lia feels these are only people who won’t judge her. Lia is always around to Emma and Emma is too young to understand the actions of Lia.The reaction of feeling alone and alienated from people can make anybody do almost anything to be accepted and feel normal. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of strange girls screaming through their fingers”( Anderson 112). It shows importance of emancipation of insecurityin novel, it is perfect example that how Lia is not only onw who suffers there are many otherin the world who suffers just like she does. sometimes worse…
Suffering from alienation is the causes of Lia’s fright, could have cared less about she lived or died. Some times she actually wants to died that her wish , “Do I want to die from the inside out or the outside in”? (Anderson 20) She felt there is nothing in this world for her to really live for anymore , not even for friends , for family and for future. One day she was sitting alone in front of cot, she was reading newspaper , local section,page 2. Article runs for the couple of inches, next to an ad for fur coats, thirtypercent off and then she reads about investigation , Police are investigating the death of 19-year-old Cassandra Parrish, of the town of Amoskeag, NH, whose body was discoveredearly Sunday morning in a room of the Gateway Motel on River Road in Centerville. Authorities were called to the scene at 4:43 am. By Motel employee who found the body.Preliminary indications suggest Miss Parrish may have died of natural causes,but police heavn’t yet ruled out foul play or drug use.

Police spokes-person Sgt. Anna Warren said, “We are still gathering information,” we will have a report about the time and cause of death when the coroner finishes the autopsy”. Miss Parrish, known to friends as Cassie , was a popular athlete and member of the theater club at Amoskeag high. Her father, Jerry Parrish , is the principle of park street Elementary school. Amoskeag superintendent of school Nelson Bushnel said the Paeish family’s loss was heartbreaking.”
“Cassie was what all want out Children to be: bright , hardworking and kind.”said Bushnell.when asked to comment on reports that Miss parish had a troubled background, he said, ” Most teens today struggle with something. Cassie had made great strides in embracing a healthy life. The last time I talked to her father,he said she was trying to choose between studying psychology or French literaturein college. Her death is tragic as it is shocking.
Throughout the book Lia feels guilt about the phone calls from Cassie to Lia the night Cassie died, and Lia never responding. Lia tries to satisfy her self that there was nothing she could have done to really help Cassie and that she is not the reason of Cassie’s death, and she telling herself that ” …she called me thirty-three times(Anderson 18). That gilt take her to the destruction of herself.

4.1.2 Parents Flaws and weakness
Fear became visible that her parents pushed her away and hurt her because of broken promises, as her father promises that they would go away together on a trip but every time she ignored due to his work and every time Lia became more shocked about people and their lies, ” He was so convincing, I really believed him”.One can talk about fright for a long time without even touching upon nervousness. Real fear seems quite rational and comprehensible to someone’s life.One day she returns home from her friend’s house (Elijah), she tells her parents about the evening that she has been studying , eating pizza and gossiping whole night. Chloe is desperate for Lia to spend night with her mother , told ,by Jennifer ,stepmother of Lia.Lia calls her mother just to degrade Jennifer to get to shut up. Jennifer talking with Lia’s father that Chloe wantsher because of Lia’s behaviour is out of control again, in fact she wants to realize Lia’s father that she is not happy and recovering in her father house with Jennifer and Emma. Lia parents divorce was the great source of Lia illness and fear in novel. At her mother house , she goes to flashback , where they both mature . and she remembers all the childhood incidents which she spends with Cassie. Her mother tells Lia that Cassie died due to heavy drink it was painful death . When Lia leaving her mother house, she carry off a special bone-handle-knife that it was her grandmother’s knife The next day Emma has broken the arm of Lia playing basketball. The she takes purgative that to extermination her body is sick all night long, the next day she fights her father about whether she should admitted for treatment.
Her father tells her it won’t work anyway. Lia is going to stay sick until she decides to get better. After all her suffering, ” She decides to cut her chest open with the knife of her grandmother” Lia makes four cuts deeply before Emma walks in on her , it simply shows the neuroses of girl in novel.

Lia is taken to the hospital because of blood loss by ambulance” Cassie ghost travels with her to hospital”. Lia feels consciousness in emergency room, doctor istalking about his body state. She felt herself like a sleeping beauty locked in a glass coffin. She had been 33 stitches it is ironical number , which shows that Cassie calls 33 times before the her death .

Lia There is the feeling that someone could reach to Lia and talk to her then he could save her life. Cassie welcome Lia in the other world , she said to Lia that she is proud of her that ironically, death is far away only a moment. A shocked kicked Lia’s chest as she wants to live. Cassie ghost already appeared in the room where Lia died Lia grabs the see-glass out of Cassie mouth and licks it . it was dirty green lollipop. she can seen the picture of her future although sugar makes her stronger.In novel the names of God and Christ are taken in egoistic
The reason of Cassie move to Lia’s neighbourhood was the unfitting relationship with a boy.One day on the road Lia would like to kiss a boy r may be a girl or she thinks her psychiatrist may be lesbian. Lia description with Elijah shows the effect is increasingly horrific, not sexual. Lia’s parents married when her father gets her mother (Chloe) pregnant. Another important cause of Lia fright is failure in recovery. Fear is powerful thing which can take the people is disaster situation. Lia fears are suffering of her self destruction in novel.

Dreams are also describe the suffering of Lia. She is suffering from hallucinationwhere she saw Cassie teasing her for being fat and inviting her to die with her.”The web on my face holds my eyes open,forcing me to watch, as Cassiesteps out of shadows”(…)”Come with me and join my loneliness”(Anderson 43).These impact made Lia’s life worse.
Lia’s struggle throughout the novel with cutting herself and feeling lost due to her fear which she encounter after her best friend death.There are many readers who are suffering from that loss their life as Lia feels in novel , Their courage and honesty put me on the path to find Lia and helped me to understand her brokenness. While Liastory is not based on any living person, it was inspired by those readers.

4.2 Power and Pervasiveness of Anorexia
This section unfolds Lia’s story suffers from anorexia nervosa , that is a mental disease while her best friend Cassie suffered from Bulimia The novel “Wintergirls” presented the anorexia and eating disorder throughout the story which effects Lia’s life badly.

Self harm is also a part of illness in novel. This illness of Lia and Cassie causes the reason of both mental situation that took Cassie’s life and Lia’s destruction. Anderson gives the realistic picture of eating disorder in novel. Lia’s violence in novel that enough she wants to cut herself. She has many mental issues with herself like she was saying ” I am not sick, I am strong”(Anderson 28).But she is condition of deathly sick, it shows she want to escape from reality. Both of girls faced eating disorder because of them. It teaches the readers the realistic condition of these disorder that shouldn’t be taken lightly in the word.
The characters in novel suffered from worse things like cutting, depression and sexual violence. Laurie says in her words about teens ” I don’t think of it as teens angst,She says, “I have just love and compassion for teenagers, I see my role as writing stores that can offer hope”. Lia feels more anxiety after the death of her best friend.Her best friend ghost is hunting her every time inside and outside house with her.While in house she was trying to detour her mind , when eating something she feels somewhisper around her” She called me”. She again detour her mind, ” Recite the constitution,list the presidents in order, remember the names of the seven drafts,”(Anderson 31) but she couldn’t stop thinking about her friend. It shows Lia’s mental state in novel.

Her guilt that she ignores her friend. She feels again and again fear while she want toeat , but her throat was close and she just can’t do it. She continuously thinks about her, “she called me , she called me , she called me 33 times and waited for me to pick up “(Anderson 35). counting stuck in Lia’s mind and she can’t forget that calls, every time her condition realizes that her selfishness towards her friend. This novel takes readers in depth to thinkingthe life of a girl suffering from anorexia. She tells about her life that her food, problems,her thoughts and her calories “strong/empty/strong, or your fault/your fault/fault/fault” This novel creates suspense in mind’s of readers that how Cassie died? How Lia ignoresher? what happened to Elijah? and what’s Lia and Cassie used to be ? Lia always see food as poison and she the way she treated food, that food shouldn’t entered in her body .The main reason of all this violence is body/self-image ,throughout the novel Lia become that size that every one attracts. She never satisfy with herself even her body her thoughts and eating disorder.
She worked hard to get her body thinnest, she feels happy to have smallest thinnest body. She set mind if her body is fat she will look ugly and people won’t accept her. Due to anorexia she takes herself to the extreme thinnest competition and make her own sense of body image. This section made the book enjoyable because readers imagines that they also fight with themselves as Lia does. It can also open the mind of readers to the idea of thinnest and fight with their fat body. The basic problem in the novel is between Lia and food. It reminds us the race between Cassie and Lia to b thinnest and who will gain less weight.,
Even they decided skipping food, of over exercise. Her way of eating disorder and exercise is the best example of her mental state in novel. As in novel Lia’s obsession of food with calories and how she wants to refuse them to eat ,she felt like there is no need of them.”Because I can’t let myself want them because I don’t need a muffin (410) , I don’t want an orange(75), or toast (87) ,or waffles(180)make me gag”. (Anderson 130). Lia is now battlingwith herself. This is her painful journey in novel. She chooses darkness due to her mental problem. The novel examines the conscious and unconscious thoughts of sick girl, and helped readers to fight with illness.

Eating disorder is not just describes as about food is also shows the mental state of one’s mind and body, that deserves a lot of compassion. The main problem of anorexia is found in our culture that 99% women wants to b thinnest. They have set their mind as ” If cover doesn’t catch their eyes, they don’t bother to see what is inside” Which sometimes causes the destruction of their life. It also be taken as unattainable goals. Lia’s eating disorder in novel shows as her disease is not just as disease it is an capability. ” Who wants to recover ? it took me years to get tiny. I wasn’t sick , I was strong” (Anderson 36). One night she was unable to sleep because Cassie’s ghost hunting her, at the same time she wants tu burn some calories, instead of taking out sleeping pills she went into the basement and start her work. She open refrigerator , she wants to eat butter or cream cheese. For the next three pages “Must. Not. Eat, Must. Not. Eat, Must. Not. Eat, Must. Not. Eat”.(Anderson 185).
Everything which she wants in novel it gives the smell of Cassie murder, and she goesin state of depression. Lia believes real truth in cutting lines and don’t want to share it to anyone , they exist individually her mind , The truth is always subjective. She truly people thinks asthey in her life.

” I’m hungry I need to eat , I hate eating . I need to eat . I hate eating . I need to eat . I love not-eating.”(Anderson 145). These are the weakness of Lia in novel , she refuses to reminds in her mind. Her struggle is best example for readers in novel.
Lia in state of confusion when she was fat her body doesn’t accept her now she is thin her body hates her. She sits and start weeping, on the toilet and waiting for thefor the handful of purgative that she is in taken to kick in. Her sister enters the washroom , her eyes full of tears, she thoughts Lia is committing suicide. Lia condition is because of her sarcastic thoughts towards herself.
4.2.1 Self- perpetuated violence
Most of violence in “Wintergirls” is self perpetuated. A normal man can’t imagine that how Lia and Cassie harmed themselves to just get shape of their body it is an extreme level of violence which never be assume by a man. They started abuse alcohol and Neurotics. Both girls in novel decided to starve themselves almost till to death. They were mad girls about their body shape , one can’t imagine that they cut their bodies again and again to get a shape and blood comes out from their fingers. Lia’s violence herself shows more even when she brushes the teeth until blood comes out from her mouth. Both girls aim suicide. Due to their these violence the result is that Cassie dies, in a room , she feels alone , pain from a sudden noisy break in between the pharynx and stomach by her constant vomiting.

The surface violence shows the dark thoughts of Lia. Even in novel she uses imageryto described her thoughts , feelings which disturb her continuously. Lia steals the knife of her grandmother ,she wasn’t happy with her life and she decides to cut her chest with her grandmother’s knife. Finally she makes deep cuts on her body .she start vomiting and she feels a cage and ghost with her. she feels , vampire and spider crawling her belly, she feels her undergarments made of razor blades. She calls her self ugly ,stupid and bad. After much violence , Lia’s fight with her father that he wants to admitted her in hospital for treatment. Lia is taken to hospital due to loss of blood.

Cassie’s ghost hunting her and travels with her in ambulance, it might a time Lia and Cassie spend together . Lia in state of consciousness that in hospital she feels like lying in glass coffin like a sleeping beauty. Lia tells her psychiatrist that she encounter with ghost since her grandmother died. Lia’s psychologist realizes that the ghost of Cassie is just because of her depression and guilt. She was totally negative about her body shape and she feels she was raping her dead body both are in front of Lia’s mind which she feels in novel. Lai self harming behaviour become more out of control in novel due ghost of Cassie .

Lia is unable to understand that why Cassie not leaving her alone and continuously making statement about her being fat , ugly, selfish and so ruthless. When Lia passing throughthe motel room, where Cassie died , Cassie welcome Lia in another world by saying that she is so happy and feels egoistic by the death of Lia just far a moment away. Something like heavy falls on Lia’s chest. For the first time in novel she is happy with her life and she really wants to live in life .simply she wants to back in life and connected with her family.Lia snatch the see-glass out of Cassie’s mouth, it is not a glass but a dirty green lollipop.It can be said that sugar makes Lia stronger and she can make the strongest picture for future.At the end Lia apologies to Cassie for not receiving phone calls which she as she ignores at the starting of novel.

She called her mother and tells her that where is she,in ambulance lia’s heart stops, but she survives, she adain admitted to hospital she wants to again recover her anorexia and build her relation to her family. She described her experience at the end in these words..
” There is no magic cure, no making t all go away forever. There are only small steps upward; an easier day, an unexpected laugh , a mirror that doesn’t matter anymore, I am thawing”(Anderson 278).

Ending of “Wintergirls” is very interesting to readers. It shows after bears so much suffering she was like a calm girl in the end as she was eating lollipop and the sugar makes her strong and realize her to think about her future. When she was in ambulance herheart stops and there is suspense that Lia would live or not … she finally survives, and actually live her life.

Conclusion The role Lia plays in novel is intendment. Lia’s knitting symbolizes her fixing the problems in her life as she is being neglected throughout the novel. It shows one thing that she is still willing to consume in. She always take steps about ” When she was a real girl” that she knitted things around her , which makes her happy. Her meeting with Cassie , she put her life on hold for a moment and she doesn’t want to live longer. But she is now addicted to Cassie’s friendship and started hang out with Cassie. When she finally decide to get better, she picked wanted back her life.After her best friend death , she starve herself and she blamed herself and made herself guilty. Lia was in state of depression as she thinks she is murderer of her friend , when her friend calls her , she ignores and this guilt is with throughout the novel. This proof effective for her the very start of novel it could be seen that Cassie died and Lia is not eating, it is not possible to find out that Cassie death triggers Lia eating pattern. Both Cassie and Lia’s condition shows eating disorder in novel after death of her friend she feels illness from anorexia, as she goes in mental state where she fights with herself.

Lia’s ultimate change by the end of novel is just not simple she bears many hardship and suffers from serious disease , She was continuously hunting by Cassie’s ghost at the end she went to motel room where Cassie welcome her to the other world, her friend realizes her that how is she selfish , ugly ,,fat and hates her. At this time Lia actually wants to live I life . she apologies to her friend for her selfishness and says to her she wants to live more. Lia changes at the end of novel about life realizes that she thinks she is able to stay in world.Now she don’t need anyone to hold her down , she feels like a bird . her struggle for liberation comes to end happy and satisfy end. The main reason of her happiness and entering back to the life is that she actually wants to survive while Cassie doesn’t want , she just gave up to her life and she just hang in ” middle world” . she tries enough to urge Lia die but Liasurvive and she don’t gave up. Lia feels happy and she wants to connect with her family again. It shows Lia’s recovery to back to life.

Cassie ghost still with Lia but she ignores her and enjoy her life wit her family at the end of novel she says that ” I m tawing , I m thawing”.

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