What is a Malware?
A Malware is an executable code with any malicious functionality. Malware is generally any code that performs malicious activity, i.e. any software that does something that causes harm can be considered malware. Malware can be further classified into various types like virus, trojan, worm, rootkit etc. based on their origin & functionality.
What is Malware Analysis?
Malware analysis is the process of learning how malware functions and any potential repercussions of a given malware. Each type of malware gathers information about the infected device without the knowledge, or authorization of the user.
Why Malware Analysis?
• Malware analysis can be conducted with various objectives in mind.
• To understand the capabilities of the malware.
• Determine how the malware functions.
• Asses the intrusion damage.
• Identify indicators that will helps us determine other infected machine by the same malware and the level of infection in the network.
• Help us identify if the malware is exploiting any vulnerability or on how it is persisting on the system.
• Determine the nature & purpose of the malware.
• To understand who is targeting & how good they are.
• To understand what information did they steal.

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