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Beautiful river, awesome food, homemade jewelry, and advanced cities are only a few words to describe the great land of Indus Valley. Indus Valley is a civilized country with beautiful climate, advanced cities, different jobs for different people, and advanced production.
South Asia began along the Indus River. Indus Valley has really warm climate, but dry during the winters, and has lots and lots of rain. The land of South Asia including Indus Valley in controlled by three main types of physical features. The three are mountains, rivers, and massive triangular-shaped head of India. Life in Indus Valley mostly depends on the different climates they have. When the weather is hot and humid, it is heavily influenced by India’s monsoons causing a lot of flooding. As well as the three main physical features, there are also three main types of seasons including hot and dry, hot and humid, or cold and dry. Don’t plan your trip to Indus Valley when it monsoons season!
In Indus Valley, you have different jobs, roles, and homes depending on your class, meaning how rich you are. If you don’t have a lot of money in other words, the poor, you can still be a farmer or a laborer. Even if you are in between, there are jobs like merchants, craftspeople, herders, more advanced farmers, and warriors. Usually the wealthier have jobs like priests and scholars. The kings and rulers are also on the upper class. In Indus Valley, no matter how rich or poor your are, you can still get a job like others, this country cooperates well with leaders as well as the hard workers.
We will prove to you that Indus Valley is a successful civilization that includes all five of what makes it such a beautiful and welcoming place. It has advanced cities, their awesome pottery skills, a fit government, special workers, and last but not least their religion. The Indus Valley is able to build many villages which then evolved into towns, and then the towns transformed into cities. Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are the two major cities. Mohenjo-Daro is one of the oldest cities in Indus Valley. Not only do they have advanced cities, their awesome pottery skill is also a reason for why you should come to Indus Valley. The craftsmen creates objects out of gold, silver, jewels, copper, and bronze. They made pots, jewelry, and many other things!!!. Coming to Indus Valley, you will be able to see their handmade crafts!!!! At last, Indus Valley also created an awesome government that is combines with the religion.
In conclusion, though Indus Valley still suffers from the horrible monsoons, but they were able to survive as a united Country!!

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