Assignment # 1 Student Name : Ishtpuneet

Assignment # 1
Student Name : Ishtpuneet Kaur
Student Number : 300288470
BUSN 3350 Section : 003
Douglas College
Instructor : M. Kenneth Eng
Chapter 4
Case Incident : What is a human resource consultant to do ?
Job Analysis
The process of recognizing the responsibilities and duties of jobs and the human requirements like qualifications, skills etc. needed to do them. It is very important as all other human resource activities that is human resource planning, enrollment and selection, job evaluation, performance appraisal, labor relations, training development and career development, and job design can be performed only after the job analysis has been done.

Steps in job analysis
Collecting information about the organization : This encompasses accumulating information like the organization structure, organization charts, process charts etc.

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Selecting the jobs to be analyzed : This involves selecting the jobs that are to be analyzed and preparing the job designs.

Gathering the job analysis information : This may be done through various means such as interviews, questionnaires, observations, participant diary/log, National Occupational Classification etc.

Verifying the collected information : This is necessary to ensure that the information is true in every aspect and that potential employees are clear about the work they are expected to do.
Preparing the job description and job specifications :
Job description : It basically defines what a person is expected to do in the job. It defines the duties, responsibilities, authority, general tasks that the person needs to perform in the job.

Job specification : This means what a person is required to possess to be able to get the job that is qualifications, skills and abilities needed to perform the job.

Communicating and apprising the information selected : The last step involves communicating the information collected to all the people associated with it like recruiters, employees, managers etc. It also involves updating the information collected according to needs.

The main concept of the given case incident is job analysis. The manufacturing firm wants to hire people for positions of administrative assistants, sales, engineering and skilled trades and many other positions. Thus, it has selected the jobs to be analyzed which is the second step in the process of job analysis. The key issue involved is that needs to prepare more than 100 job descriptions which it has asked Anthony LePage to prepare. They firstly need to see a sample description for which Anthony LePage has hired me as a human resources consultant. This is the fifth step of the job analysis process. Thus, the main point of the case incident is preparation of the job descriptions.
Crucial differences between a job description and a job specification
Job description basically defines the job whereas job specification describes the job holder.

Job description describes what an employee will have to do after he/she gets the job whereas job specification defines what an applicant needs to have to get that job.
Job description comprises of the duties, responsibilities, pay details, authority, rules to be followed, policies related to leaves, medicals leaves, vacation breaks and other perquisites etc. related to the jobs. Job specification, on the other hand consists of the specifications, skills, experiences, abilities, experience, certifications, licenses, etc. required to perform the job.

Importance of qualitative methods in producing job descriptions :
Qualitative methods such as questionnaires, observations, interviews etc. help to produce better job descriptions because they deal with real life experiences of the incumbent. Also, one can extract wide range of information from the incumbent according to the needs. Thus, the collected information is more realistic and can be used to make the best job descriptions.

Model Job Description – Administrative Assistant
ABC Ltd. is the largest local manufacturing firm of Ontario. Founded in 2011, the company has witnessed huge growth since then. We hire more than 1,500 professionals across Toronto.

We are seeking to hire administrative assistants for our branch in Ontario.

Position Responsibilities :
Resolving managerial problems.
Answering the calls from customers and handling their problems .

Perform data entry and scan documents.

Planning and organizing meetings, arrangements and travel provisions for the managers.

Maintaining office supplies.

Managing the calendar for Managing Director.

Maintaining electronic and hard copy filing system.

Attending job fairs.

Revising and responding the emails.

Completing the assigned tasks and projects.

Credentials and Requirements :
Bachelor’s degree in business or related field.

At least 3 years’ experience in a related field.
Fluency in English.

Core Competencies :
Microsoft WORD and Microsoft Excel
Excellent communication skills
Leadership skills
Multitasking abilities
Excellent time management skills
Efficient problem-solving skills
Benefits :
Competitive salary
Yearly bonus
Employee Participation
Tuition reimbursement
Medical leaves
Sound promotion system
The job description begins with describing the organization. Then the four sections clearly define what the employees are expected to do after they get the job and also define the requirements and qualifications needed to do the job. The last section summarizes the benefits the employees would be entitled to once they get the job. Thus, the job description gives a clear image of what the job is in the minds of the applicants.
Competency based job analysis : This means describing the jobs on the basis of the competencies that is knowledge, skills and abilities that employees need to possess in order to do the job.
Competencies refer to the characteristics that help to do a work successfully or efficiently. Some of the examples of competencies are general or core competencies like reading, writing, Calculations etc.; technical competencies that is knowledge about software applications, protypes , Microsoft, word, etc.; and leadership competencies like ability to lead, handling group tasks and complex situations etc.

In the given case incident, the owner wants to know whether the competencies must be added to the job descriptions or not. The answer is yes, the competencies must be incorporated with the job descriptions as they are needed for efficient performance. For example, it is important to have good communication and leadership skills for the position of administrative assistant. Salespersons too need to have good communication skills as well as be good team players. On the other hand, an engineer needs to have strong technical and critical skills. These are just few examples. There are many competencies that a good administrative assistant, engineer, sales or a skilled trade need to have.
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