Arguably, levels of alcohol use and problems

Arguably, the Greek, or fraternity-sorority, system is the best environment on campus in which to examine the role of social influence processes on alcohol use and problems. Members of Greek organizations consistently demonstrate higher levels of alcohol use and problems than nonmembers (Lo & Globetti, 1995; Sher, Bartholow, & Nanda, 2001). Specifically, fraternity and sorority members and leaders exhibit high levels of use and approval of use (Cashin, Presley, & Meilman, 1998). In fact, particular houses often have reputations based on their members’ alcohol consumption (Larimer, Irvine, Kilmer, ; Marlatt, 1997). In a review of 2 decades of research on fraternity drinking, Borsari and Carey (1999) identified five factors contributing to the heavy drinking consistently observed in fraternities: (a) a continuity of heavy alcohol use from high school to college;

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