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Another study has been conducted which attempts to ascertain the relationship between social intelligence and academic achievement of selected group of students in secondary level (Baggiyam and Pankajam, 2017). Results implies a mild positive relationship between the two variables. However, a study aimed to study and compare various dimensions of social intelligence of rural and urban college students showed that urban college students have higher social intelligence and academic performance than the rural college students (Nazir, Tasleema,&Yousuf Ganai, 2015). The main point here is that the study showed that the higher social intelligence students have, the higher the academic achievement. The study had used a level of significance of 0.1 which indicates that a correlation of the size for this population would occur no more than 1 out of 100 times. It only indicates that the results will not occur due to chance circumstances ( Airasian, Gay & Mills, 2012).
Moreover, the study of Hanafi, Praditsang and Walters (2015) about the emotional and social behavior of the students in relation to the learning behavior of the students showed that social intelligence were high with a mean of 3.77 which means that it is significantly affiliated with learning behavior. This is due to the positive response to the learning cues derived from the people around them. After all the researcher can say that attitude and behavior can somehow affect the performance of the students because it can be a hindrance or a drive for learning which is also correlated with the performance of the students. Having a circle of people that supports the students can help them respond properly to gain rewards. (Hanafi, Praditsang & Walters, 2015) and this might affect the overall performance and achievement of the students.

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