An Envision brought Alive

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An Envision brought Alive

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The video of the glass menagerie met to my exact expectation of the play. While reading the play I could only grasp in my mind the picture of each of the characters, the setting they were in, and the relationships they were engaged in. Therefore I could only envision what I thought their faces would look like or the expressions they were making. But after watching the video I was able to put the puzzle pieces together and finally see what I was missing through the portrayal of characters, the setting, and the relationship between the characters.

The portrayal of the characters was done almost exactly to the play. I felt that each of the actors did an exceptional job at this. Amanda’s character came alive in the movie and emphasized her typical role of a nagging and annoying person. Her overall attitude, motions, and facial expressions helped bring alive her character. She expressed tones in her voice, that you wouldn’t be able to hear in reading the play, which helped illuminate her characters determination with dominating over her children and also with winning over Jim. The portrayal of Tom was also done very well, a young man tired of living at home with a mother who will not leave him alone and a sister who he feels bad to leave behind. The actor used good expressions such as the roiling of his eyes to his mother and his angry faces when she pushed him to the edge. In the play I didn’t grasp how frustrated he actually was, but the movie helped me understand with his character. I felt Laura was the best portrayed character. Her weak and humble attitude, her shy and nervous ways, her small frame, her little girl look were all shown in the video. Her emphasis on her disability was also portrayed well in the movie. In the scene with her and Jim in the living room when he tells her he didn’t even notice she had a problem with her leg, she becomes greatly embarrassed and shy and wants to not talk about that subject. Jim’s character was also portrayed well in the play I found him to not really like Laura or feel bad for her when he tells her he is engaged, but in the movie I found him to be more caring and sympathetic towards Laura and her feelings.

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