Alexis Crane Mrs

Alexis Crane
Mrs. Curran
July 27,2018
Growing up my mom never took me or my sisters to church. She told us that she believed in God, but didn’t go to church. If we wanted to go it was with our grandparents, friends, or with a neighbor. I have went to a Baptist and a Nondenominational church. For this essay I decided to go to a Roman Catholic Church. The Church I went to was Saint Bernard Catholic Church its in Rockport,IN. Going to a Catholic Church there are enthusiastic people who love their religion. A catholic Church is a very clean and with beautiful stain glass windows. The stain glass windows, candles, the twelve stations of the cross and the portrayal of Jesus Christ on the cross. With Jesus Christ portrait up it made me feel more at my own church. The Catholics have some what of the same faith in Jesus Christ. They believe that he also died on the cross for our sins. As soon as you walk in you see chapel and you are greeted by Deacon Bill. He gives you your am prayer book and after that you go a pew, kneel on the stands, do the sign of cross and then say a prayer. The prayer is about 5 minutes long. After the prayer you get up and sing about 4-5 songs during mass, then do the sign of the peace, shake hands with others and sit down afterwards. After the priest gives his sermon, he will ask everyone if anyone needs forgives and if anyone needs forgives he will take him back to the confession room, ask them to tell their confessions and ask for forgiveness. You will then say the “Lord have Mercy”. The priest will finish his sermon, then you can leave or sit around and talk to the other people or even the priest.
As I am sitting in the pew, I exam the beautiful church, stain glass windows, and the twelve stations of the cross. I sit here and enjoy how beautiful this church is and how I really enjoy being at this church. I also looked around in the church at all the different types of people and how they are dressed. They had very dressy clothes on compared to what the people at my church wear.
The bread is the Euchansts and the god is the wine. The bread and the wine end up turning into the flesh and blood during the mass. On Sundays you are supposed to feast before going to church. Eucharistis a word known for Thanksgiving. It is known for Jesus giving thanks at the Last Supper. At age 7 you will receive your First Communion. You are only supposed to get the communion twice a day, once in the morning and then the following reception afterwards. They take the bread and wine as a remembrance of his blood and body.
The Catholics don’t believe in skipping mass for anything. It is against their religion to get a divorce unless it is a serious reason why and you go to the church and ask them if it is acceptable. If you commit a sin, you must go directly to the church and ask the priest for forgiveness, which means you must go behind the white curtain and tell him your sins and ask him to forgive you. Overall I had a wonderful experience.

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