Alex Holen Dr

Alex Holen
Dr. Lee Vigilant
Intro to Sociology
In the story Ain’t No Makin It (2009), Jay Macleod discovers social reproduction and many theories. Macleod shows us how social reproduction effects can affect a student from learning because of class inequality. Macleod studies two groups of boys that have opposite living styles. These two groups are made up a group of kids who are from the same lower class, the Hallway Hangers and the Brothers, and see how they react by the ideas brought by their school Lincoln High School. Even though they both live in the same kind of housing, these two groups are drastically different by school experiences, family, and their personal lives that make up why these kids make the decisions that they make. One of the groups is known as the Hallway Hangers: a group of white boys (aside from 2 of them) who are usually a part of criminal activity, sell drugs, drink, smoke marijuana, and usually do not go to school at all. The main goal for the Hallway Hangers is to work long enough to earn money then to move their families out of the projects. Kids that are a part of the Hallway Hangers are: Slick, Shorty, Chris, Boo Boo, Steve, and Jinx. The Brothers on the other hand are mostly black boys who are very optimistic in their school work and their future. These boys are opposites from the Hallway Hangers. These boys do not drink, smoke marijuana, they care about their education and want to go to school daily. They believe if that they go to and do well in school, they believe that they will achieve the American Dream. To achieve the American Dream, if you work hard enough, you will achieve whatever your heart desires, and the Brothers believe doing well in school will help them accomplish the American Dream.

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