After reviewing all five types of therapy

After reviewing all five types of therapy, cognitive therapy is the most interest me the most. Cognitive therapy is a type of psychotherapy where the negative pattern of thought about the self and the world are challenged to alter unwanted behavior or treat mood disorder such as depression. Cognitive therapy has great impact in the treatment of psychological disorders. Primary approach of the cognitive therapy is to recognize and change the distorted thought pattern. The specific technique that is suggested in cognitive therapy is to overcome the negative thought and substituted them with a positive one. Cognitive therapy has been a successful remedy for an array of psychological disorders such as depression, bipolar, anxiety and many more.
Using cognitive therapy, a therapist makes a step by step effort to correct negative thought that leads to different problems like depression. Clients are taught about the essence of cognitive therapy. First clients are taught to recognize and keep track of their own thoughts. As a team, client and the therapist search for ideas and believes that causes psychological disorders like depression and anger. The list is used to challenge the client’s thought. Then with coaching, the client formulates a rational alternative to these ideas and believes, improving their thoughts.

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