AbioCor AbioMed, a Massachusetts based company. They are

AbioCor is an artificial heart created by AbioMed, a Massachusetts based company. They are inventors because they made the world’s first purely artificial heart. AbioMed also made the world’s smallest heart pump. Now people at risk for or people that have heart diseases or injuries can be saved with AbioCor. AbioMed was founded in 1981 by David M. Lederman who died in 2012 at age 68 due to pancreatic cancer.
AbioMed was created originally just for the purpose of creating the world’s first artificial heart, AbioCor, but went on to do more. July 2nd, 2001 was the first day that AbioCor was surgically implanted into a patient. From there, it went on to be implanted in many others and surpassed doubters when a man who was given a twenty percent chance to live for 30 days after the AbioCor surgery, lived up to 512(days). In 2001 Time Magazine even awarded it its invention of the year award. Unfortunately, after the death of their founder, AbioMed discontinued production of AbioCor and in 2016 quietly hushed it away from the public eye.

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