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Agatha Christie, the author of “And then there were None” is called the Queen

of Mystery by those who have read her books. In addition to, “And then there

were None”, Agatha Christie has written many books, which include “ABC Murders”,

“Body in the Library”, Easy to Kill” and “Towards Zero”.

Brent, the family name of Emily, the 65 year old daughter of a Colonel, and

definitely not happy with the way the world is going now. She liked every thing

as it was 45 years ago, when children did what their parents told them to and

when everyone respected their elders, but now …..

Coroner’s inquest having turned her life upside down, Vera Claythorne has had

tough luck so far in her life. She does not have a lot of money, and has had

trouble finding a job after the inquest. Even though she had been acquitted,

people still look at her funny when she walks down the street.

Doctor Armstrong, a former doctor who likes time to think. Whenever he thinks

about the past one of the first things to pop into his mind is the fact alcohol

ruined his life. If only he hadn’t had a couple of drinks before operating on

his patient, he might not have accidentally killed him.

Everyone was dead when the police got to the Island. Nobody could figure out

what happened. The police did not find any suicide notes and searched the

island a couple of times. The police found no-one in hiding and were left open-

mouthed and clueless.

Fred Narracott was the boatman who took everyone to the island on his boat. As

he told the police, as far as he knew he was the only one who had taken anyone

over to the Island.

General Macarthur, loved war and was disappointed when he had to stop fighting

on the battle grounds. War was his life. He loved the smell, the sounds and

the feel of battle. In fact he craved to kill again.

Helpless, the guests on the island were prey to the killer, they couldn’t get

off the island because there was no boat. Hiding was out of the question due to

the bad storm, and they did not know who the killer was, so everyone was under


Indian Island was purchased under the name U.N. Owen and nobody knew who it was.

All the tabloids were saying royalty had bought the island or some eccentric

millionaire, but nobody really knew who it was.

Justice Wargrave, was a judge. You could say he was a murderer, even though he

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