A 39-year-old Winston smith is a member of a party and works for the government in London

A 39-year-old Winston smith is a member of a party and works for the government in London,
the Oceania nation. The party exercises a totalitarian government system, everywhere
Winston goes or does the government is watching and listening, they are using telescreens to
watch him which are not allowed to be turned off, everywhere he goes he sees a poster of a
Big Brother – The leader of the party – with writing saying “Big brother is watching you”. The
party controls everything in Oceania including people’s history and has invented a language
called Newspeak which attempts to prevent political rebellion.
Winston smith is frustrated by the oppressions that the party is exercising and he tried to hide
his criminal thought through a diary which is know that if the thought police finds it he will be
send to forced labour but he was writing it anyway. He met Julia who he hates because she is
beautiful and cannot do anything about it because he is afraid that she will report him to the
thought police. O’Brien is a man who Winston believes he is part of a brotherhood – An
underground structure that plot to overthrow the Party – who he is fixated to and admire as
he thinks they have something in common.
Some day Julia sends an “I love you” note to Winston which he was excited as he always liked
her knowing that it is prohibited and amount to an act of criminality but they found a way to
escape and fall in love which is against the party. Winston is rebelling against his own party by
falling for Julia. Now that he is rebelling, he wants to be an active rebel against the party.
O’Brien invites Winston to his place to discuss work-related matters and Winston thought that
finally he is going to meet the leader of Brotherhood who he is not afraid to invites people in
his home because by rules of the party it was sporadic for someone to invite someone in their
home, this confirmed to Winston that indeed O’Brien is the member of brotherhood.
Julia and Winston went and tell O’Brien that they hate the party and that he is a member of
the brotherhood working against the party, O’Brien went on and he told Winston that he also
hates the party and he is working with the brotherhood to topple the party and then gave
Winston a copy of Emmanuel Goldstein’s book, the manifesto of the brotherhood. Winston
was blown away by the book, while he was busy reading it, soldiers barged in and arrested
them – the apartment owner where he and Julia stayed was a member of the thought Police
– He also found out that O’Brien was party spy who pretended to be part of the brotherhood
to lure Winston to admit to his crime. He was tortured until he gave up Julie and conformed
to the party line.

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