state that even though biometrics

(Alaswad et al., n.d.) state that even though biometrics may enhance security in different situations and aid several purposes, biometric systems, like any other security system, have vulnerabilities
and are susceptible to threats. In addition, they state that spoofing is the most primary vulnerability, at the same time as spoofing is the most frequentlycited enter-stage vulnerability, different enter- age vulnerabilities may be simply as complicated, together with “overloading.” “Overloading” is an attempt to defeat or avoid a device by using destructive the input device or overwhelming it inside the strive to generate mistakes .
However, there are concerns pertaining to cloud security and privacy for both users and providers
In a technological environment, there are pros and cons. (Ansar et al., 2018) recommends the usage of biometric for the authentication technique at the cloud stage. Amongst all of the authentication models available due to the distinctiveness, biometrics is taken into consideration because is the most consistent authenticators. Identity authentication of personal identity is the most essential objectives to be fulfilled for the real environment and virtual space. Biometric is a preferred method over than traditional method because it’s convenience

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