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1- Asia is largest and most populated continent on the planet.
2- Asia covers the area larger than the area of the moon.
3- Asia is divided into 6 subcontinents- Central Asia, East Asia, Northern Asia, Subcontinent of India, Southeast Asia, and Southwest Asia.
4- China is the most populated country in the world with the population of 1.37 billion.
5- India is a second most populated country in the world with the population of 1.32 billion.
6- Vietnamese New Year is a birthday for all. The celebration starts from the first day of the lunar calendar.
7- The highest point on earth, Mount Everest is in Asia. It is 8,850 meters high above sea level.
8- The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth is found in Asia.
9- Asia has the greatest handmade structure-The Great Wall of China.
10- More than ten longest rivers are in Asia.
11- The Persian Gulf is a shallow inland sea of the Indian Ocean. It is well known as an oil producing region of the world.
12- The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia.
13- China is located in five different time zone but they follow only one-time zone (China Standard Time).
14- It’s illegal to be fat in Japan.
15- North Korea has a different version of Christmas. The leader order to celebrate the birthday of his grandma rather than the birthday of Jesus.
16- Asia is among the top ten countries in the world for copper mining.
17- The 10 highest mountains are in Asia.
18- Asia is home to seven of the ten largest cities in the world: Shanghai, Beijing, Istanbul, Karachi, Mumbai, Guangzhou, and Delhi.
19- There are spas in Thailand that provide massage by an elephant.
20- The world’s most crowded city is Dhaka, Bangladesh.
21- There is a rare endangered species of tigers in Asia.
22- China is one of the oldest and most mysterious civilizations in the world.
23- Asian countries consume 90% of total rice production on earth.
24- Nepal was the first country to legalize gay marriage.
25- Nine out of ten tallest skyscrapers are in Asia.
26- In honor of important events, names are given to children in China.
27- India has the largest stores of gold in the world.
28- The largest shopping center in the world – New shopping center of South China in Dongguan.
29- Asian country, Uzbekistan is world’s sixth largest cotton producers.
30- Asia is a homeland for many animals like Giant Panda, Asian Elephants, cobra and many more.
31- More than 50,000 people living in Japan are over 100 years old.
32- India produces 12 million tons of mangos each year.
33- Turkey is home to the world’s tallest man (8 feet, 3 inches).
34- The world’s tallest woman (7 feet, 8 inches) is from China.
35- Bangkok is the most popular city in the world.
36- Butane is the only country in the world that prohibits the sale and production of tobacco.
37- In Solapur, India, according to Muslim tradition, newborns are dropped from a 15-meter tower on a cloth stretched on the ground, held by monks.
38- More than 600 dialects can be found in Asian countries.
39- There is the interesting custom in India- they eat with the right hand because the left hand is used to wash after toilet.
40- Thailand celebrates New Year from 13 to 15 April.
41- Some of the most ancient civilizations were located in Asia.
42- Japan is Asia’s largest and world second largest economy.
43- In some part of Asia people have to walk 6 kilometers to get clean water for drinking.
44- Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than New York; there are around8, 000 skyscrapers.
45- Indonesia is composed of 17,508 islands.
46- 90% of rubies in the world are produced in Myanmar.
47- The main religions of Asia are Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam.
48- Bhutan is among those countries that were never colonized.
49- Afghanistan’s National Game is goat grabbing.
50- There are more millionaires in Japan than in Germany, China, France, Italy or Canada.
51- Japan has the longest life expectancy. 80 years for males and 87 years for females.
52- There are tribes in jungles of Indonesia who still hunt and use stone for fire.
53- In Yemen, it is forbidden to take pictures of women.
54- China is the world leading manufacturer of cars.
55- In Asian countries, there are more mobile phones than the number of people.
56- The most rapidly deforested region in the world is not Amazon but it is Southeast Asia.
57- The most developed country in Asia is Japan.
58- The Sarawak Chamber is in Malaysia is the largest known cave chamber in the world.
59- Voicemail Technology was developed in Israel.
60- Sri Lanka-the largest tea exporter in the world.

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