1.2 – Describe the communication requirements of different audiences.
When dealing with people in the business environment you may use varying communication styles depending on your audience. You have informal communication with your colleagues and clients that you deal with on a day to day basis, with these people you can adopt a more relaxed approach when answering the phone or replying to an email.
I always try to adapt my verbal & written communication to who I am speaking with, when dealing with someone I have never met before or hardly have any contact with I would be more formal in my approach. If I were answering the phone my greeting would be more professional i.e. saying the company name, my name and asking how I could help. If I were emailing the person I would use the correct method when emailing i.e. – Greeting them in the correct manor and ensuring the content of the email was set out correctly and signed off in the right way. I always try to adapt my verbal & written communication to who I am speaking with
You also need to consider who you are speaking with, age and ability can be a factor in this. If you are speaking with a School leaver (apprentice) then you may not speak with them in the same manner as you would as somebody who has had a career for the past 20 years, they may not understand business terminology etc at this stage in their career. If somebody has a disability you may want to make adaptions for them, if you are speaking with somebody who is hard of hearing then you may want to slow down and face them when speaking with them, if someone is partially sighted then you may need to adjust what fonts you us when emailing or producing documentation for them.

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